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Hellllp! Has anyone fed from one breast sucessfully after mastitis?

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Ebags Sat 22-Sep-07 12:41:34

I'm desperate for advice! I have been totally breastfeeding my baby daughter for 7 weeks. Her weight gain is excellent but I'm going through hell.

I've had mastitis 3 times in my right breast and this last bout is killing me - I have a large infected lump about 1cm away from the nipple with 3 heads that leak pus and milk when I feed. I'm on 3 painkillers and and have had 4 different antibiotics in a week. My HV has had me feeding off the affected side (before it turned really nasty) & massaging it to shift the block but it's not worked. I can't stand the pain any more!

I just want to stop feeding on my right breast completely and feed with my left, supplementing with formula if necessary. But between GPs, nurses, the HV and BF counsellors, I'm confused as to whether this is possible. Has anyone had a similar problem? How can I stop on one side without any more pain? Sorry if I've gone on but I'm at the end of my tether and feel I'll never be free of pain and be able to just get on enjoy being a mum.

determination Sat 22-Sep-07 13:05:10

What is the cause of you getting recurring Mastitis Did you have a difficult birth ie; Haemorrhage?

Have previous spouts of Mastitis been treated correctly?

Are your breasts been drained fully?

It will lessen the pain if you keep the infected breast empty as this will reduce the pressure. Try feeding on all fours to allow gravity to help clear the blockage. Apply warm flannels before feeding to help the milk flow and then cold flannels after feeding to reduce swelling and inflamation and this will greatly soothe the breast.

Have AS MUCH rest as you possibly can.

With my dd1 i had Mastitis 4 times within the first 9 weeks and with dd2 i have had it twice. Keep feeding from the infected side though as if you don't it may lead to further complications.

Try gently Hand Expressing as this will be more successful than using a pump.

Hang in there, this will pass. Yu are doing a fantastic job to have continued through all this pain. I can totally understand how your feeling. Big Healing Hugs wink

Some useful links with Mastitis Info;
BFN Mastitis and Breastfeeding

LLLGB Mastitis and Bfing

Bfing supporter Lines

Ebags Sat 22-Sep-07 13:31:29

Thanks for your help determination.

I think I keep getting mastitis for a number of reasons. I did have a difficult birth and am anaemic. My right side has been a problem throughout - latching on is more often painful than not despite my best efforts. Also DD sleeps through the night which you'd think would be a godsend but I wake up in the early hours engorged and she won't wake to feed much. I think I made this worse by regularly expressing from 3 weeks in order to have rations in the freezer for ebm bottlefeeding (which I think has given me a over supply of milk). I can't express when she's not feeding off the other breast - I just get nothing so trying to express in the middle of the night without her, even when I'm full, is nearly impossible and really painful. I feel like I've really messed this up.

Anyway, enough of my moaning - I'll check out your useful links.

Thanks again !

determination Sat 22-Sep-07 13:39:59

This will pass likely before 12 weeks and you will be sailing and extremely proud of what you have achieved. Keep coming here and you will get loads of support and encouragement.

what about taking a little sage to reduce your supply a little?

Sage and BFing


LLLGB Milk Supply issues

Ebags Sat 22-Sep-07 13:42:52

Thanks so much - I'll definitely try the sage!

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