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MAM slow flow to medium flow teat

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Nambar Thu 04-Jun-20 18:42:27

she's tolerating it quite well. did you find your DD was really fast at drinking when you switched? I was worried it was too fast.

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dochas06 Thu 04-Jun-20 18:32:06

When you go up a teat size, it does take them a little bit to get used to it. Our dd has been on no. 2’s since about 9 weeks. If she’s choking and spluttering I would stick with the 1’s for a bit yet though.

Nambar Thu 04-Jun-20 17:00:50

forgot to say that she is 6 weeks corrected (14 weeks actual age- 8 weeks Prem)

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Nambar Thu 04-Jun-20 16:38:05

Our DD used to be a really fast drinker. She's on a rough three hourly schedule and takes 135ml per feed. She has really slowed down from taking a bottle in 10-15 mins to 40-45 mins and falling asleep mid feed.

She's putting on weight well. We have just tried the medium flow MAM teat and shes done from being really slow to really fast again with some squealing!

not sure what to do. Should we switch back to slow flow? or persevere with the medium flow?

any advice would be really appreciated!

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