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WOOOOHOOO - Lets splash out! Fantastic Sale @ BFingHeaven

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determination Thu 20-Sep-07 20:27:02

Just noticed theres lots of clothing reduced MASSIVELY at Breastfeeding Heaven.

Digging for my card as i type! WOoooooHoooo grin im in heaven now!!

babypowder Thu 20-Sep-07 22:29:02

Thank you so much for that - ordered a couple of nursing bras, as mine are falling apart!

determination Fri 21-Sep-07 19:49:58

your welcome baby,

I ordered 2 vest tops to wear under jumpers in the winter.. and also a couple of bras too. being too prepared maybe??!

Great prices though aren't they?

determination Sat 22-Sep-07 13:26:45

Guess what??! I recieved my package today grin I just get so excited when i buy myself something! I feel like im "letting down!"

babypowder Sun 23-Sep-07 09:30:12

Mine arrived, too. It always feels like Christmas, doesn't it! Gorgeous bras. It's nice, sometimes, to do something for me grin

Desire Tue 25-Sep-07 05:19:21

Hello my name is "Desire" Well I have been in an on and off relationship for the last 2 years it has been abusive since 3-4 months initially we had a "small fight" where he slapped me. He is always cursing me out and calling me Bit(hes. well I now have a 5 month old son by this jerk. It was my first abusive relationship. I felt that I loved and needed him so much it always seemed that when he was good he was outstanding but when he was bad he was horrible. Well anyway we lived together up until i was about 6 months pregnant I left and moved to another state with my mom. We still talked even about reconciling only for the next week me to be a bad name again. Needless to say I finally realize no matter how many times he promises me that he wont do it again.HE ALWAYs WILL. So I finally broke up with him I have been away from almost a year except for after havin the baby i took the baby to see him when he about 2 months we stayed there with him until he was about 3 months it was ok but i still seen the signs of his abusive. I fought back verbally and physically it was an unhealthy situation. But a part of me misses him its like when im lonely i think of all the good times except for times like this when I think of all the bad times....I cant figure out for my life why I even care and he constantly puts the blame on me and I wonder if maybe somehow i caused this?

Susianna Tue 25-Sep-07 06:26:23

Desire, welcome, you might be as well to copy and paste this post and start a new thread, I'm not sure anyone will see it hidden under this one's title.

All the best x

determination Thu 27-Sep-07 08:07:57


Surely you both would have got something nice in that great sale??

determination Fri 28-Sep-07 23:04:01

yet more things have been added i cant believe this... whats going on??

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