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my 8 month old loves bfeeding and i'm feeling exhausted

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rainbow83 Thu 20-Sep-07 20:08:41

dd2 is currently 8 months old. i'm doing breastfeeding and baby led weaning. she has started to show an interest in food, but will only have a couple of mouthfuls a day. i DO give her plenty of opportunity to eat but she's going very slowly with eating.
I feel that i'm constantly bfeeding, am exhausted.

she is feeding 3-4 long feeds at night 9ore more) and 2/3 hourly in the day.

when she is upset about anything (usually by dd1 who is 2 and is crazy and likes to smack her) the only thing to comfort her is the boob.

am knackered from my sleepless nights, am actually feeling constantly tearful. I tried co sleeping which definitely makes it easier but the broken sleep is still hard and she wakes up 6-7 no matter what and by the time dd2 is up at 8.30 i want to cry from exhaustion and the day has barely even begun.

when she wants to nap or sleep will only do so on the boob, i actually tried cc which i am totally against but i was desperate, it got no where and she just became clingier and more boob- desperate. sometimes she will comfort suck for hours, i can't do anything and can't spend much time with my poor first daughter, the guilt is driving me mad.

Have always loved bfeeding and am very pro bfeeding but i'm starting to hate it. the biting and scratching, the endless sucking, am just feeling depressed sad.

Can someone assure me there is light at the end of the tunnell? i really don't want to wean.

laura032004 Thu 20-Sep-07 20:25:44

This could have been me at 8 months. It's a lot better now. DS2 is still boob obsessed, but it's a lot easier to cope with now he's older. His interest in food suddenly took off, and he's started to sleep a lot better now he's in his own room. We were co-sleeping, but I think it made him feed more (read virtually continuously!) as I disturbed him. Will she sleep in the car (I did sometimes drive around to get DS1 & 2 to sleep at the same time), or in her buggy? I find if I quickly unlatch DS2, and then put him in his buggy and rock vigorously, he will doze back off. Can you feed her to sleep in your bed, then sneak off?

vnmum Thu 20-Sep-07 20:33:50

this was like my DS, i co slept which helped abit and he only really started eating enough solids around 8 or 9 months, i was offering food first then boob. i night weaned him at about 15 months as i was pregnant and couldnt do with it anymore, i needed my sleep.

things did improve when he started taking more food.

i know i havent got much advise really because i just persevered although i was diagnosed with PND around his 9 month mark which meant i was feeling things were worse than they were.

just to let you know you're not alone and others have been there.

is you're eldest in nursery or could someone have them for a few hours so you can try and get some sleep

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