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10 mo refusing to drink milk from breast or bottle - any ideas?!

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Addis Thu 20-Sep-07 14:36:30

My 10 mo DS has just started to refuse to breast or bottle feed during the day - the last two days the only milk he's had is a breast feed first thing yesterday and today and a small amount of formula he drank from an open cup yesterday. Prior to this he was having four breast feeds and one bottle feed a day. He seems happy enough and his appetite for solid food is unaffected. I'm finding it upsetting though that he suddenly won't breastfeed and I'm worried my milk will dry up. I'm also worried because he ought to be getting more milk than he is. Any thoughts anyone?

HLL Thu 20-Sep-07 15:26:13

hi there, my DD (8.5 mo) has just begun to do exactly the same thing - she is my 3rd baby and neither of the other two did this. She was/is B'fed with a bottle at night. Other than a feed when she wakes in the morning, and sometimes the odd suck during the day for a few seconds, she has lost all interest in milk feeding - not really that into her bottle at night either, but loves her water with meals. Coincidentally, I had her weighed this week and mentioned it to the HV - was told that some babies do lose interest in milk feeding and/or b'feeding around this stage - that it is totally normal - some just really like solids and/or are far too interested in the world around them to be bothered with milk feeding. She also said that some babies will go back to milk feeding - I too was concerned about supply but was told that if you have been b'feeding for some time, then a good morning feed and the odd suck as and when will keep things ticking over for when they do go back, if they want to. As for nutrition, I am sure that as long as your baby has a good diet, gets cheese, yog, cereal with milk etc, he will be fine even if he has lost interest in milk as his main source of food. I was really upset about it to begin with as I intended to feed for longer than this -but then told myself that I have always been led by the needs of my babies and if this is what she wants to do, well, then I just have to go with it! Hope this is of some help.

fingerwoman Thu 20-Sep-07 15:35:56

have you tried feeding him before offering solids?

Addis Thu 20-Sep-07 15:46:11

Yes, I've basically been offering him milk before and after meals - whenever we're sat down with a few minutes to spare. I think that like HLL I may have to accept the fact that he's just had enough of it, although I will keep trying in the hope he changes his mind.

Ecmo Thu 20-Sep-07 15:51:29

my ds suddenly refused to be breatfed from about 9 months. One day he was fine the next he just turned away and screamed. I tried follow on milks etc but he wouldnt accept any milk so I gave up and just gave him milky cereals and yoghurts etc.
Sign of things to come coz He's 6 now and still an awkward little sod darling

Addis Thu 20-Sep-07 17:11:48

Yes, that's exactly what's happened - one day fine, the next not interested in milk from any source. Ho hum, i'll keep trying...

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