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7 months weaning off bottles

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JBomb Thu 21-May-20 11:33:37

I've been weaning my 7 month old for the last month and she's now moved from 3 hourly feeds to 4 hourly (7oz bottle at 7am, 11am, 3pm & 7pm)
She has 3 meals a day at around 8am, 12pm & 5pm. Also has a small morning and afternoon snack (usually a finger food)
She never grumbles or seeks out bottles/food but always happily scoffs everything offered! She's average weight and size.

Am I over feeding her?

Wondering when others started to drop feeds?

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Harriett123 Thu 21-May-20 19:09:00

Milk is there main nutrients untill they are 12 months so I wouldn't reduce that untill shes over 1.
Is she a healthy weight? If she is I wouldn't worry about it just make the food shes being offered healthy. The NHS weaning website is good for recpie ideas for a baby.

Harriett123 Thu 21-May-20 19:09:38

Sorry just saw shes a healthy weight. In which case just keep doing what your doing.

TinySleepThief Thu 21-May-20 19:12:20

Milk should be their main food until 1 so I wouldn't be seeking to reduce bottles yet.

She's still so tiny in the grand scheme of things. I'm also not sure the advice is to give snacks either, shouldn't you offer milk instead?

YakkityYakYakYak Thu 21-May-20 19:14:54

Not sure what makes you think you’re over-feeding, if she’s average height and weight.

What you’re doing sounds perfectly fine for 7 months. Milk is more important for nutrients than food at that age so I wouldn’t drop any bottles for a little while yet.

mistermagpie Thu 21-May-20 19:25:19

She eats a lot more than my six month old but she's quite small and not a big eater (she's never had a 7ox bottle in her life, or a 6oz one for that matter), but babies vary a lot.

If she's eating all that and a healthy weight then I really wouldn't worry.

JBomb Fri 22-May-20 13:16:12

Sorry, I maybe worded my message wrong. I didn't mean to drop milk feeds completely (as I know they're the main source of nutrition for the first year) I was meaning when was a suitable age to drop one single bottle, for example the 11am feed in place of lunch. Or should I continue all 4 feeds as well as food for longer?
Also the snacks I give are things like rice cakes or melty sticks to practice independent eating smile

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Stuckforthefourthtime Fri 22-May-20 13:18:16

She's very little to drop feeds just yet. At this age I'd drop the snacks and offer some finger food at meals instead.

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