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Tell me about possetting

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naturelover Wed 19-Sep-07 20:32:51

My dd is 2.5 weeks old. Last night she brought up what looked like all her feed ... twice. Very disheartening after it took so long to breastfeed her! How much possetting is too much, and is there any way of reducing it?

lemonaid Wed 19-Sep-07 20:34:30

Was it "just" spitting up, or more projectile? Was there any coughing or anything involved beforehand? Has she done it again today?

naturelover Wed 19-Sep-07 20:57:34

Today she brought up a little after one feed. But last night was pretty projectile. It's the only time (well twice in one evening) that she's done it in her short life so far!

No coughing but we've noticed she's unsettled in the evenings and most likely has a sore tummy at that time of day too (based on her crying and pulling up legs) - evenings only. The rest of the day she's angelic.

bookthief Wed 19-Sep-07 21:03:14

Re: possetting, it always looks like waaaay more than it is. It could be that if she's unsettled in the evenings (which is very normal ime anyway) she's comfort sucking and hasn't learnt how to suck without taking in milk so the possetting is just her tummy getting more than it can hold.

Ds had what we called the witching hour around 7-9pm (it was a long hour..) which would clear the room of visitors outstaying their welcome at least wink. It did get better and I found undressing him completely and doing a bit of gentle baby massage sometimes helped to settle him.

3andnomore Wed 19-Sep-07 21:25:22

HI there, possetting is only ever a problem if there is a weightloss involved...but usually if your Baby is happy enough, etc...possetting is really quite normal, if frustrating and smelly!
All my boys were , what they call, happy chuckers...which is in the reflux spectrum, but basically they just get to much milk and spit it up, but usually gain weight very well.
Sometimes a very fast let down can be the problem (that was part of my problem anyywa)....and if that is your problem, then trying feeding lying down on your back, Baby laying on top of you and feeding against the flow cna help them, not to get to much milk or suck to much air in.

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