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Weaning problems

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Mamabear04 Wed 20-May-20 08:32:39

I've been weaning my 6mo now for about a month and a half under doctor's orders due to reflux problems. The reflux is under control and my LO took to eating baby rice and then purees really well. She has always been great at feeding. The past few days however she is refusing any solid food and will not let me feed her with a spoon. I've tried giving her food to actually chew on by introducing BLW but she just gets so upset and refuses anything! I don't know what's happened it's like she's done a total 360° with her eating. I'm still BF her but she is not taking in anymore than usual and often still gets distracted because well she's just at that age. Is there something I can try to get her to eat or have I done something wrong? Any advice please would be amazing. I'm starting to really worry!

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rossKemp Wed 20-May-20 08:40:11

Hi Op ,

My DS does this even now occasionally and he’s 11 months. You haven’t done anything wrong. It could be that she’s teething? It’s really common for them to refuse any form of solids if they are, or she could just be having a fussy few days. Just persevere with her favourite foods but don’t get wound up if she doesn’t want them for now. Distraction might help, try playing With her with a toy while simultaneously feeding

jomaIone Wed 20-May-20 08:45:02

I found my baby was up and down with weaning. She really didn't eat anything at all until at least 9 months, most ended on the floor or thrown or just not even looked at. We occasionally didn't offer her any thing for a couple of meals as we knew she wasn't interested. Just keep offering different things, she will learn eventually and until then she will be getting everything she needs from you. Baby rice and veg purees are just practice foods, they aren't really getting any nutrition from them. 'Food before 1 is just for fun' was my mantra!

Try to relax, I HATED the weaning stage, the mess 🤮, the stress ugh. But really, it's about them exploring food and you can't force them to eat.

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