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Constipated 4 month old - any tips on making her do the do?

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RedKennedy Wed 19-Sep-07 17:41:12

my poor dd hasnt pooed since last friday - i think its because she stayed with my mum saturday and was fed formula for the time she was there - 24hrs - didnt have enough notice to express you see...
shes been really grumpy and farty but thus far, no sign of a poo.
Anything I can do to help it along?
Have been rubbing her tummy gently clockwise and bringing her legs up in a yoga like fart inducing way to no avail

thanks so much

katyjo Wed 19-Sep-07 18:51:41

I really worried about my little boy, he was a really regular pooer and when he got to about 3.5 months he started going for days without pooing! I asked the hv when it got to a week and she said bf babies can go for 2 weeks without pooing apparently the just get really efficent at digesting bm and as it is in 'ready to use form' they don't really get rid of much.
I don't know if this will help you, it didn't stop me worrying but at least you don't have to change so many dirty nappies! Enjoy it while it lasts once you start weaning they come back with a vengence!!

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