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Help! How much formula should my 8 week son be taking?

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Welshthang Wed 19-Sep-07 10:33:39

Hello all! Could anyone give me a quick piece of guidance - how much formula should my 8 week, 9.5 lb son be drinking? He only does 90 ml/3 oz max in 45 mins, 6 times a day. He can go for 5 hours at night between his feeds, does 2 pooey nappies a day and several wet nappies, and has slowly gained weight. Am i mad because i worry that he isnt drinking so much? Will he tell me when he's hungry? His appetite seems to be getting worse, not better. Thanks in anticipation!

SlightlyMadSweden Wed 19-Sep-07 10:42:20

I think it should be approx 150ml per kg weight over 24hrs (thats the formula they use on special care).

So I make that ~650ml in 24hrs.

You are giving him ~540ml in 24hrs so you are not that far off. As long as he is putting on weight and as long as this continues I wouldn't be mega worried. SOme babies on special care only have 120ml/kg/day if they have heart probs (518ml in 24hrs for your DS) and you are exceedng this.

SlightlyMadSweden Wed 19-Sep-07 10:44:18

I ghave just read that back and have implied he has heart probs, I don't mean that at all.

What I mean is that if a baby does have heart probs they deliberately give them a lower volume of milk wich equates to 120ml/kg/day which your son is exceeding (i.e he is not starving).

Welshthang Wed 19-Sep-07 10:54:45

Thanks very much - and dont worry, I didnt think that you implied my lil' treasure has heart problems!! He's a fussy lil' begger though wink

pinkbaby27 Thu 20-Sep-07 14:47:54

My dd is 6.5weeks and the amount she has constantly varies from feed to feed so is a nightmare to keep record. I was concerned at first as well and was advised to use a number 2 teat as milk wasn't flowing fast enough and also to put an extra 30ml in bottle if they are being drained each time that way if some milk is left you know they have had their fill.

Am sure there is no need to worry he will let you know when he is hungry or get your hv to check him over if you are still concerned.

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