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breastfeeding after an accident

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Elasticwoman Tue 18-Sep-07 21:44:19

My friend was in a car accident, unfortunately, this summer. She's up and walking now, and her 2 children were unhurt, but at the time she was in considerable pain, having seriously damaged her back.

Staff at the hospital must have asked her 20 times if she was pregnant, before giving her the strong painkillers she needed. They forgot to ask her if she was bf, and when her 18 mo came to see her she bf him as normal! Luckily the ill effects to the child were short term, but why do doctors tell mothers "breast is best" and then assume they are not still doing it a few months down the line? Staff must have known about her dc as they were in the car with her at the time of the accident.

Bf mothers of toddlers do not go round with a big badge on saying I'm Still At It, do they?

hunkermunker Tue 18-Sep-07 21:45:49

It's just assumed that you won't be bfing after 6m, if at all, ime sad

Hope your friend's OK now and thank goodness the children were unhurt.

coleyboy Tue 18-Sep-07 21:47:38

People just don't think.

I have been in hospital with ds for an extended period, and I find it really sad that the doc's and nurses always assume the babies on the ward are bottle fed.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 18-Sep-07 21:49:45

This really is a common assumption. After I had DS2, some registrar was talking about booking me in for my six-week check, saying they would be checking my period had returned. shock

I'm pretty sure that periods don't come back that quickly, even if you don't bf, do they?

Elasticwoman Tue 18-Sep-07 21:52:42

shock at the ignorance of your registrar NQC!

Thanks Hunker but my friend is still in backbrace caring for toddler at home with little help.

laura032004 Tue 18-Sep-07 21:53:31

It's wrong of them to presume, but I always mention it when getting any medications just in case. Even if it's just as an eye opener to the doc wink

Jojay Tue 18-Sep-07 21:54:54

It is wrong of them to make assumptions, but I have to say, I'm suprised she didn't check that it was ok before she fed her dc.

Elasticwoman Tue 18-Sep-07 21:55:18

Sure my friend would have if she'd been compos mentis!

Elasticwoman Tue 18-Sep-07 21:55:46

mentioned the bf, that is.

Jojay Tue 18-Sep-07 21:57:05

Fair enough smile

hunkermunker Tue 18-Sep-07 22:08:16

I always mention it too, because I like to put the idea at the forefront of HCPs' minds. I've often been pleasantly surprised by how encouraging they are of it. But I've also been v disappointed by some comments (one doctor who said "do it for six months if you must" and "but...they bite!").

DS1 had to have a kidney scan when he was about 14mo and they said "give him his bottle and he'll probably doze off while he's having it done". So I said, "He's still breastfed and doesn't have a bottle as a comfort thing and as I'm pregnant and this is a scan using radioactive dye and I can't be anywhere near him, he'll have to cuddle his bear instead!"

moondog Tue 18-Sep-07 22:10:38

They were very kind and attentive to me on the other hand when i had to go into hospital when fel ill in Brighton on a weekend visit to see my sister when dd was 11 mths old.

Bent ovver backwards to accommodate us.

Elasticwoman Tue 18-Sep-07 22:10:50

Wouldn't a child choke if he dozed off while taking a bottle, Hunker?

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