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10 mth DD off solids just wants breastmilk

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emmajlh Sun 16-Sep-07 19:17:04

I've always enjoyed BF but for the past 10 days or so my DD has gone off solids and just wants breastmilk. We've both just had gastroentritis but are both over it. I'm back eating normally again but my DD just isn't interested in solids. I've been off work last week becuase we were both ill and contagious. I'm due back in on tuesday and am concerned that she still won't be eating solids by then. She has never really been good at taking breastmilk from bottles, she can manage doidy cups but lately when she's been feeding it seems like it is just for comfort.

can anyone help or offer advice?

sleepfinder Sun 16-Sep-07 21:59:53

if you've both been ill then that is probably the reason - they're pretty good at knowing what they can and cannot digest.

give her a few days and then try something really bland like bread and butter or cereal/ rice maybe? see how she feels...

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