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Not back to birth weight yet...

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Ashmum0304 Mon 27-Apr-20 14:01:21

I have concerns about my daughter who hadn’t come back to birth weight by 3 weeks old!
She was born by c section, my milk came in on day 2/3 she’s been breastfeeding exclusively since then at least 8-12 times daily, doing at least 5 wet and dirty nappies daily (some days lots more!), sleeps well at night (5 hours about 50% of nights, sometimes hit and miss 😴)
She was 4155g (9lb 2oz) at birth, dropped 5.9% at day 5. By day 10 she’d only gained 10g, by day 14 gained another 100g.
On day 21 she’d only gained a further 40g so is still not back to birth weight, still 95g to go!
Midwife hasn’t discharged us but says she isn’t concerned and hasn’t advised changing anything or topping her up. However I am worried that she needs to be gaining quicker by now and it’s making me so anxious/stressed, it’s all I can think about and is ruining my days with her 😭
I’m worried about my supply because she spends a lot of time at the breast but can get quite fussy pulling on and off or just sleeping. I’ve been using breast compressions to help the flow and this gets her going again sometimes.
I keep being told that because she’s a good colour, plenty of nappies, alert and interested when she’s awake and sleeps well that I have nothing to worry about but I’m getting caught up on numbers!
Anyone had similar experience and did baby catch up eventually?
Thanks 🙏

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Harriett123 Mon 27-Apr-20 14:55:54

Dont worry your doing great.
The nappies and amount shes feeding sounds like she is getting everything she needs and the midwife obviously agrees or she would suggest top ups.
Bigger babies take longer to get back to birth weight. Also delivery by csection can also lead to delays in regaining birthweight.
My little lad was born at 10 lbs he dropped over 5% of his weight and didnt get back untill he was 4 weeks.
Enjoy all those new born cuddles and try not to worry too much

NoMorePoliticsPlease Mon 27-Apr-20 14:58:23

Provided your baby is thriving, poo ing and weeing, stop worrying. It is true that bigger babies take longer to get back to birth weight. I would expect the weight to be regained by 6 weeks

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