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How do they fit in all the areola?! Also, milk coming in after c-section...

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Tinkjon Sat 15-Sep-07 21:40:01

Ok, so I know that babies aren't supposed to just take the nipple into their mouths, they're supposed to take in lots of the areola as well. But my brand new DS can't fit anything else into his little mouth except my nipple blush He just doesn't seem to open his mouth as wide as the pics of bf babies in books and even if he did, he still couldn't fit it all in. The mw's at the hospital said not to worry and that he was still getting some colostrum but (a) I'm in AGONY because of this poor latch and (b) I'm not sure that he really is getting anything - I can't hear him swallow and he just wants to feel almost 24 hours a day... surely he'd be happy to have a break for at least an hour if he was actually getting anything?

Also, how long does it take for milk to come in after a c-section? Some people say it's a little slower than with a vb but others say it's the same?

Any help very gratefully received as I'm beside myself about it and in danger of FFing instead, which I really didn't want to do this time Thanks!

LizaRose Sat 15-Sep-07 21:44:20

I have large areolae and none of my dc could fit it all in! They do need to take a good mouthful though! Can you get a bf counsellor to take a look at your latch? I had an NCT counsellor come to the hospital after my 2nd c-section and she was a great help. Milk definitely slightly slower to come in after CS, a day or so I think.

moondog Sat 15-Sep-07 21:45:13

Hi Tink.
Sorry you are stressed.
I used to sort of point my noipple at the baby's nose and found that as they reached up to it, they got a good latch with a lot (although not all) of the areola into the mouth.

They will feed a lot at this stage.The sucking stimulates your body into producing the milk that he needs.
You must be very sore after your CS.
Can you feed lying down?

Have you got people around you who know what they are doing?
How about ringing the Assoc. for Breastfeeding Mothers helpline?
0870 401 7711

Being topless as much as poss. helps sore nipples,also Lansinoh cream.

LizaRose Sat 15-Sep-07 21:47:04

How old is your baby? I have been there with constant feeders in the first few days, also cracked/bleeding/sore nipples and USELESS bloody midwives/HVs!

puffylovett Sat 15-Sep-07 21:48:04

i have v large nips and he only gets about half in, the key is to make sure he gets lots of the bottom part in i think, so that the nip is at the top of his mouth.

BUT don't take my word for it, am sure Tiktok or hunker will be along soon - but def consider getting someone out to look at your latch !

try expressing a bit onto the tip of your nipple and then rubbing it under his nose if you haven't already - and don't latch him on until he's mouth wide wide open.

good luck, hope you get it sorted

whomovedmychocolate Sat 15-Sep-07 21:48:55

I had a similar problem and went to a cranial osteopath - DD had one treatment and miraculously was able to open her mouth much wider and from that point on things improved a lot (still nursing now at 11 months).

All babies want to feed 24X7 at once. Don't worry, once you have the latch sorted the rest will sort itself. Rest as much as you can and if you can get to an osteopath it might help.

hey congratulations btw!ssss

fishie Sat 15-Sep-07 21:51:11

Hello tinkjon. i had cs and milk came in at about 4-5 days, ds didn't latch on till 5 days then i had probs with latch. get help now, don't wait till you are in more pain. he may well be feeding for comfort as well as buildign supply, both good things.

and don't try to do anything other than rest and feed your baby. really nothing. no housework, or visitors if you don't fancy it. you can eat things and watch telly and feed.

bookthief Sat 15-Sep-07 21:51:23

Don't worry about him fitting it all in. If you've got wide areolas then obv there will be more showing even if his latch is fine.

I would strongly encourage you to get expert help though. Unfortunately that may not be your midwife, well meaning as she may be. You need to speak (see pref) to someone who specialises in bf as a poor latch can make things really sore and feeding less efficent - the sooner you get it checked, the less of a problem this will cause.

Early days. As for milk coming in, I think it varies from person to person, cs or not. Mine didn't really come in properly till day 4 (vaginal delivery).

lisad123 Sat 15-Sep-07 21:55:57

My DD fed an hour after our c section, but then wouldnt do it for 3 days
I would agree with pointing at nose to get them to open wider.
Is there a breast feeding support group near you? They are wonderful

LizaRose Sat 15-Sep-07 22:03:34

NCT breastfeeding line 0870 444 8708.
I would see a bf counsellor.

coleyboy Sat 15-Sep-07 22:04:13

After my cs my milk came in after about 5 days. It can come in later as the body hasn't gone through the whole birthing process.

Would get someone to help you with the latch, and I would also defo recommend seeing a cranial osteopath. DS wouldn't feed very well on one side as he couldn't turn his head properly. After one session with the osteopath he had full movement in his neck and his latch on improved.

Stick with it, you can do it. You may just need a bit of help - no one expects you to get it right by yourself. I know I certainly didn't.

Rodeo Sat 15-Sep-07 22:06:05

I had your exact problems with all 3 of my dcs. By the time dc3 was born I'd seen a technique on This Morning or something which was basically helping the baby get enough nipple area by holding it with thumb and middle finger and when baby opened her mouth I'd cram in as much as possible. Sounds a bit daft but I cannot tell you how much stress and tears it saved me. My nipples were a bloody mess for weeks with dd1 & ds doing the nose-to-nipple technique, but only had very mild discomfort with dd2 and I'm certain it was this method that helped.
Really hope this made sense Good luck!

spottyshoes Sat 15-Sep-07 22:11:34

After cs my milk came in 3 days afterwards -virtually to the minute!

My ds has never opened his mouth overly wide and doesnt take in the whole areola (and mine isnt particularly huge) but it's slightly more than just the nipple and it doesnt hurt which is the main sign that he was doing it right. I would guess that if he is wanting to feed constantly that he maybe isnt getting what he needs as they should come off occassionally - even just to sleep! Have you tried experimenting with positions - rugby ball, lying down etc. I would ask your MW/HV to observe/advise you when she next visits.

pastilla Sat 15-Sep-07 22:22:11

my milk was a little slower coming in after my c section, it was also a lot more difficult getting comfy the first few days
hang on in there and see a proper bf counsellor (nct,lll,abm) rather than mw/hv if possible
do you think he might be able to latch on with you lying down and letting him find his own latch. i read an article once that suggested this was a good way of getting a good latch (am not bf counsellor by any stretch so pls don't take this as gospel)
my areola must be humungous cos there's loads left when dd is feeding but she seems to do alright on it.

moondog Sat 15-Sep-07 22:22:48

Pastilla,why do you call yoursef that?
Have you ever had a real one?

determination Sat 15-Sep-07 22:30:04


Congrats on your little one.

1stly get yourself a pair of silverettes from breastfeeding heaven. As far as im aware they are the only company in the UK who sell them. They are made from Sterling Silver and naturally heal nipples. You will feel them soothe immediately, they can also be used to prevent nipple damage. Although in my case i had a massive open gash and it was completely healed within 2 days. This will definately save your bfing relationship wink

2ndly, get in contact with a bfing coucellor
who will support and encourage you through the cluster feeding until your milk comes in.

Like previously mentioned PLEASE practice nursing whilst lying down as this will allow you to properly relax and enjoy feeding.

Dr Jack Newmans Bfing Handouts basically covers everything

Hang in there Tink, your body is designed to do this and will do it.. give it another few more days and it will all fall into place.

pastilla Sat 15-Sep-07 22:36:05

mmm, I quite like them, hence the name i guess

moondog Sat 15-Sep-07 22:46:58

Have you had the real McCoy,with icing sugar?
It intrigues me,the whole idea.
Spent a month in Morocco but couldn't track one down.

Tinkjon Sun 16-Sep-07 08:54:24

Thankyou SO much everybody, I really appreciate your help! I will take your advice about getting someone out to look at latch (or lack of!). I wanted to try bf'ing lying down but it's too uncomfortable to lie on my side at the moment 'cos of the overhang pulling on my wound <ouch> - maybe in a few days though. We did manage a few latches in the night and I actually heard him swallow for once so I think milk may be on its way. The problem now is knowing whether he's finished or has just sucked himself to sleep - he sucks and swallows for about 15 mins but then falls asleep and is impossible to wake (I've tried all the usual waking techniques). But as soon as I put him down in his moses basket he starts fussing and rooting, obviously still wanting food, argh!
Anyway, I'm really grateful for your help, ladies - I couldn't wait to get out of hospital and onto Mumsnet to ask the people who really know things

tiktok Sun 16-Sep-07 10:34:26

Tink - there's already a lot of good support and info here for you.

I'd just add that fussing soon after being put back in the cot is normal for a new baby....imagine it, just a few days he was inside you, all lovely and snug and aware of your voice and being touched all over by the amniotic fluid which tastes of you. He is a sensitive little soul and is very aware of when he is in an unfamiliar place (in this case the basket) which is not you. Holding him close when he is asleep (think about getting a sling?) will help him with his transition to the 'outside' world

determination Sun 16-Sep-07 10:51:01

just thought i would add this Is my baby fussing?

Also, after a feed ensure that you wind him, if he doesn't burb leave him for 30 minutes or so then you could gently carry out baby yoga to release any bum wind! My dd is always fussy when put down (she is 6months now) and it is due to bum wind, as soon as i help her pass it she settles.

determination Sun 16-Sep-07 10:53:52

like tiktok says, it is normal.. and slings definately work wonders. i have practically worn mine away - i use it that often. I regret buying a pram!

LizaRose Sun 16-Sep-07 11:07:03

It is worth knowing that if you want to, you can cosleep with your baby. I wish to goodness someone had told me that when I had DC1! You can feed in the night without even having to wake up properly, it is bliss.

Tinkjon Sun 16-Sep-07 11:08:31

So do you think he's not actually hungry when he's fussing then? I completely understand that he wouldn't be entirely happy being put down in a basket, but it's the fact that he is rooting and sucking his fingers that makes me think he is still hungry and fell asleep before he was ready. Do they sometimes root even if they're not hungry? I suppose he could be rooting for a comfort suck rather than cos he's hungry?

He does sleep quite well on me and DH and we let him do that during the day but I'm worried about bed-sharing (which is a whole other topic, I know!) so it's not something I want to do at night.

Tinkjon Sun 16-Sep-07 11:18:48

Also, those Jack Newman handouts are fantastic - thank you very much indeed for linking to those, Determination!

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