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Aptamil anti reflux and night feeds! Need help ASAP

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OG2020 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:35:07

Basically my 4 week old has started on aptamil anti reflux milk, and I really don’t know how to make up night time feeds as the water needs to be cooled for 45 mins before making the feed! And during the night it’s just impossible especially as the baby wakes up at different times and if I was to prepare feeds during The night using the kettle which is what I’ve been doing I would get no sleep! I have a flask but I don’t know how to make sure that the water is the correct temperature for the formula to kill the bacteria? Baby is drinking 4oz atm! Can anyone please help it’s so stressful! (I’m a first time mum)

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Helpwithaversion Thu 09-Apr-20 18:14:20

I’d be tempted to use carobel in the pre made aptamil formula it will give the same effect as the anti reflux milk x

Helpwithaversion Thu 09-Apr-20 18:15:46

Carobel is what is in the anti reflux formula anyway just to clarify but you can but it separately x

SerBrienneOfHouseTarth Thu 16-Apr-20 21:29:48

We premade all our bottles for the day in one batch following HSE advice (Irish NHS) and stored in the fridge. When needed we carefully heated them in the microwave. Note that this method of heating is not recommended in case of hotspots/inconsistent heating. To avoid this I gently mixed the formula by turning it upside down a few times after heating and always tested the temp (never had an issue). We quickly worked out the exact amount of time needed to get it to the perfect temp (55 seconds for 8ozs!). So basically a feed took us 55 seconds to prep when needed!

If you premake anti reflux formula it will separate in the fridge but mixing gently by inversion will reconstitute it. Alternatively, as suggested, you could premake standard formula and add carobel after heating, or make the carobel into a wee gel/paste to give alongside the formula.

The HSE guide I used for premaking formula is on page 6 here:'s-bottle-feed.pdf

Basically you make the bottles with hot water as normal (I used a Dr Browns jug to make a big batch and poured into the bottles), rapid cool them in basin/sink of cold water and then store in the back of the fridge for up to 24hrs. Heat when needed.

SerBrienneOfHouseTarth Thu 16-Apr-20 21:34:55

Sorry, not sure if the link is working? If you google 'HSE how to prepare bottle feed' you will find it. See screenshot of the relevant page (if it attaches properly!)

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