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12 week old not feeding very well

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katiee1999 Tue 07-Apr-20 20:44:56

Hi everyone,

My 12 week old son hasn't been feeding very well the last few weeks (EBF). He has started winging/crying whilst on the breast and then latches back on again for a minute and does the same. He also sometimes cries after a feed. He has plenty of wet nappies but hasn't been pooing as much over the past few weeks either, the doctor seems to think he might be constipated and has been prescribed movicol. These might be two separate issues, I'm not sure.

Has anyone had anything similar happen to their little one?

Thanks in advance smile

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katiee1999 Tue 07-Apr-20 20:46:42

I'll also just mention that he doesn't do this with every feed. Around 2/3 feeds each day he does this

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S082018 Wed 08-Apr-20 02:56:32

My 8 week old does this from time to time and usually the main culprit is he's overtired! I usually just have to persevere with the feed by tapping his bum lightly and it calms him down so that he can finish his feed. Usually ends in him dropping off to sleep!

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