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bf weaning and poo!

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dirtymonkey Wed 12-Sep-07 10:25:49

Not sure if I should have posted in here or weaning have a 7.5 month old bf dd who becomes constipated quite often so i tend to up bf and cut back on food for a day or two. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing or actually making things worse.
It also seems if i am constantly trying to bf as she is so easily distracted she still won't go more than 2.5 hours without a bf when she has gone longer she suffers with really bad constipation the day after - crying, struggling to go for ages and bleeding

Elasticwoman Wed 12-Sep-07 13:26:32

Does increasing the bf and cutting back on food do the trick, at least in the short term?

What sort of foods are you giving, and does dd take water when she has food?

dirtymonkey Wed 12-Sep-07 13:50:54

Yes it does help but I am worried that it may only be a short term solution.
She mainly eats fruit, veg, rice, lentils, oats with small amounts of chicken and bread.

Elasticwoman Wed 12-Sep-07 16:28:58

And water? You could also offer pure juice diluted with water. Could you leave out the chicken? What sort of bread?

nachomama Wed 12-Sep-07 16:38:39

rice can be quite constipating.

Why do you want to cut back on the BF? If it does the trick, and keeps her balanced- why not let her keep her own rhythm? Do you feel that now you are weaning and she has passed the 6 month mark you "should" cut back. I know it can be a pain to feed every couple of hours, but babies self-regulate pretty well.

btw, dried apricots are good. They puree well, keep you regular and are packed with iron. (but get the dark ones, as the ones which are soft and quite orange are sulphered)

pseudonym1 Thu 13-Sep-07 00:05:07

I reckon it was banana that made DS so constipated he didn't "go" for 2 weeks.

dirtymonkey Thu 13-Sep-07 08:04:46

Thank you all, We do give her water not just with food I have started to give her a sippy cup which we leave in reach while she plays. I only ever give her diluted orange juice when she hasn't "gone" for a few days.
To be honest thinking about it she has only had chicken 3-4 times. The bread she has is always wholemeal usually toasted.
I know I should accept she bf every 2 hrs and that is just the way she is but could it be as I am a first time sahm she knows I am here all the time for her to be constantly snacking on!

3sEnough Thu 13-Sep-07 08:12:55

Try prune juice in 'pudding' offering - worked for me until ds started laking more water.

dirtymonkey Fri 14-Sep-07 08:08:18

Knew there was I reason I asked for advice here first not rl, when i mention it yesterday (we had friends around who saw her struggling) advice was -
Is she getting enough sugar!
It's because she is still bf wait till she has cow milk she'll be fine then!
Have you tried feeding her more solids
a tiny bit of soap in her nappy will help!

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