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help me quick please have i got an absecess and what shall i do

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robinredbreast Tue 11-Sep-07 18:59:13

my right breast is really sore hurts evn when im not feeding and esp when i am feeding underneath feels quite hard
ive tried feedi ng expressing massaging although im not that sure on how to massage it

what shall i try next ?

how can i tell if it is an abcess

oes really look red

Madigan Tue 11-Sep-07 19:20:23

Could be mastitis ... you need to see a doctor. Meanwhile you could phone the NHS helpline.

Madigan Tue 11-Sep-07 19:22:25

the nhs number is 0845 4647

hope they can help you xx

jangly Tue 11-Sep-07 19:27:18

Does sound like an abcess. See doc in the morning. You probably need antibiotics.

chopster Tue 11-Sep-07 19:28:04

does sound rather like mastitus - go to your gp in the monring and get it checked out, because you may need ABs, and the earlier the better. Don't fret too much and try a nice hot bath tp relieve the pain.

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