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Hungry Baby?

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EpicEllie Wed 25-Mar-20 19:58:24

Hi there,

Our little boy is starting to drink more and more milk lately, hes gone from 7is ozs to about 10-11 ozs and i still looking for more after that. He usually goes 6 hours in between feeds, but atm im making him his usual 7ozs but then not even an hour later her will devour another 4-5ozs.

He is 3 months old on the 27th of this month, I have read that baby porridge can help fill them up, but just wanted some opinions about it first (I cant get a hold of my health visitor or midwife, thats why im asking here, I will of course try to get a hold of one of them)

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ChelseaCat Wed 25-Mar-20 20:02:47

I’m no expert by any means but my understanding is milk only until 6 months. I don’t think their digestive systems are ready for anything else until then

Six hours in between feeds sounds like a long time to me (especially in the daytime). Maybe try increasing the frequency you offer him food?

Our babies have the same birth day (🎉🍰) and mine feeds every 3-4 hours in the day and longest spell is 6 hours overnight

EpicEllie Wed 25-Mar-20 20:11:43

Thanks for the advice smile I can try give him more bottles during the day, he used to be on 3 hourly feeds, then he moved to 4 then 5 and now 6. But he follows the same pattern, so if he goes 6 hours during the day then he goes 6 hours during the night, im hoping he will stay at 6 hours during the night if i bring him back to every 4 hours.
Only thing is, when he is hungry I know coz he starts sucking on his dummy either really fast or really hard so I know he is ready for a bottle, he rarely cries for one during the day, unless he is super super hungry. I never not give him a bottle, so if he cries for one, I will give him one I would never leave him just because it hasn't been the 6 hours yet. Just worried that he isn't getting enough & I don't want to over feed.

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EpicEllie Wed 25-Mar-20 20:12:48

Also aww yay for same birthday xD

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ShowOfHands Wed 25-Mar-20 20:18:56

If a baby is truly hungry, they need calories. There are way more calories in milk than any food you'd give a tiny baby and at such an age it's way too risky. Moving to solids, surprisingly, isn't about hunger alone. It's about maturity. A baby needs to be able to sit up, chew, move food round their mouth, swallow it etc. And first foods usually don't have a lot of calories. It's a developmental stage more than a response to hunger.

It might be a growth spurt, thirst given it's slightly warmer, teething, sensory, comfort etc.

Definitely too little for anything other than milk.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 26-Mar-20 13:43:13

If you truly think your LO is hungry, I'd try offering more feeds in the day. 6 hours is an extremely long time to go between feeds at 3 months, especially now the weather is warming up. I'd offer a bottle at least every 4 hours in the day smile

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