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calling extended bfers - how to convince dh?

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LiegeAndLief Sun 09-Sep-07 13:21:49

Ds is 13 months and still bf in the morning and evening. Dh is starting to make noises about stopping - I really don't want to (and I think ds feels the same wink). I think he is just uncomfortable with the idea of feeding a toddler and has said that he is dreading seeing ds walk up to me and pull my top down (although he has never crawled up to me and pulled my top down!). I've told him about the WHO advice to feed for 2 years - but how can I make him more comfortable about it? Anyone else fed on despite resistance from dh/dp?

artichokes Sun 09-Sep-07 13:27:21

Its sad that so many men feel like this after 12 months. if you are just feeding morning and evening it is unlikely your DS will eveer pull your top down in public as he will associate the breast with certain times only. You could point that out to your DH. It made mine feel better (which is sad, I would have preferred to persuade him on the basis of health and psych benefits).

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