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Is it true that if you feed from one breast more than the other...

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quiveutmabonnebaguette Sun 09-Sep-07 10:37:28

You can end up with one breast bigger than the other ?? And that it stays forever and that you may need a boob job ?

It's what one friend told me...and the thing is...I HAVE ONE BREAST BIGGER THAN THE OTHER...well my dd has a favourite...

Do you think it's true ? Do you think I should save for a boob job ???

Sparkletastic Sun 09-Sep-07 10:43:06

Well I've always been lop-sided anyway and both DDs preferred 'righty' the bigger one - still look exactly the same as beforehand though so BF didn't help or hinder either way. Will join you in saving for the boob job anyway as would like to be pert and symmetrical before I die grin

elesbells Sun 09-Sep-07 10:44:47

i think its normal to have one bigger than the other regardless of bf isnt it?

<<hopeful emoticon>>

quiveutmabonnebaguette Sun 09-Sep-07 10:47:05

Thankyou for your answers !! Well I think it's normal to have a boob bigger than the other while you are breastfeeding but after ???? I didnt stop yet but I'm really stressed...I do have a boob really bigger than the other..sad...

quiveutmabonnebaguette Sun 09-Sep-07 10:48:06

elesbells - yes we do but not with a massive difference

FlightAttendant Sun 09-Sep-07 10:53:33

LO's favourite is also my right, which seems to feel different to me as well...when it fills up (sorry) it seems to hold the milk at the bottom of it, like you might expect of a beanbag.
The right one has a more even distibution, ie above and below the nipple.

Weirdy hmm

FlightAttendant Sun 09-Sep-07 10:53:59

Sorry that was the left one is like a beanbag...oh dear...

elesbells Sun 09-Sep-07 10:55:52

I must admit ive never noticed if i have one bigger than the other, but then again ive not looked at them for ages as they are hard to find under my tummy wink

im going to look now though grin

Chirpygirl Sun 09-Sep-07 10:56:33

DD's favourite side was lefty, but my right side has always been bigger and still is now I am not feeding anymore.
It was only while BFing that I wasn't slightly lopsided! (I havent BF in 7 months)

FlightAttendant Sun 09-Sep-07 10:57:40


<anatomical confusion emoticon>

andiem Sun 09-Sep-07 11:02:55

mine were different before bf now it's just exaggerated especially when he has fed from the smaller grin

NotAnOtter Sun 09-Sep-07 11:04:27

yes its true but - they do GO BACK to normal when you stop!

lailasmum Sun 09-Sep-07 11:04:41

My daughter always preferred my left side but it hasn't left a permanently major difference.

elesbells Sun 09-Sep-07 11:06:06

FA. what i meant was they hang so far south now it feels like they are under my stomach

was on the vino last night and not fully awake yet grin

starrynight Sun 09-Sep-07 11:12:58

Due to problems BF I have fed my 4th child solely from my left breast for 20 months now and although there is a small difference in size this has settled and it is hardly noticeable. I am hoping that when I stop feeding they will be more or less the same as before (i.e. one slightly bigger than the other wink ) as this is what has happened with my other 3.


startouchedtrinity Sun 09-Sep-07 11:39:09

My dd2 only fed off my right boob for about 18 months. When she was feeding a lot it did notice that it was bigger but once she was on two feeds/day it settled and now it's back to normal.

ib Sun 09-Sep-07 11:40:52

I've always had one bigger than the other and tend to feed ds from the smaller one (the bigger one always seems to have something wrong with it).

I was hoping this would make them even up but no such luck.

quiveutmabonnebaguette Sun 09-Sep-07 12:42:38

Well just came back from my bath and my breast do look ridiculous I have fed her from the breast she doesn't like (the smaller) I hope that with the replenishment of the milk, my boob will look bigger...[Hmm]...

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