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6 month old won't feed at all - when to worry?

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silverfrog Fri 07-Sep-07 18:01:39

dd2 is 6 months, and has a slight cold (nose started running yesterday, but all happy and fine).

Today started ok, and she fed well at 7ish. Then fed at 11, but half heartedly. She's not had anything since then.

She has started on solids, but I've not offered any today since she's off colour.

Her temp is slightly up (37.4), and been to see doc - he said that its ok for her not to feed right through til tomorrow morning. Is that right? Seems a very long time to me. By then (assuming she doesn't feed in the night) it'll have been about 20 hours with nothing. Surely too long?

She seems ok, albeit a little subdued, but alert enough and responsive, just quiet. And she doesn't want to feed.

When should I start to really worry? Don't want to put her down foir the night - what if she goes into a downward spiral? (sounds dramatic, but she's still only little)

silverfrog Fri 07-Sep-07 18:03:00

oh, meant to say, she's totally bf

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