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Bella146 Tue 10-Mar-20 11:11:10

Hello, My little girl is 3 and 2 days.
I started exclusively breastfeeding but then by 5 days she had lost 7% of her birth weight and by day 10 even more. The midwife advised me to supplement with some formula as my milk supply did seem low and she did just cry all day and was latched on all day.
Now she has gained her weight back she was checked at 3 weeks exactly from the forumula.
I have tried to keep breastfeeding and expressing but I never get more than 2 ounces max.
The doctor has prescribed me Metoclopramide which is meant to help increase milk supply.
The side effects do say can be anxiety and depression and because I have suffered with both of these in the past I’m unsure whether it will cause more problems.
Anyone taken this before and actually seen benefits?
Or have any other tips on increasing milk supply. Little one just isn’t happy on the formula and would love to keep trying to atleast combi feed.

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Bella146 Tue 10-Mar-20 11:11:39

Sorry just a correction - 3 weeks and 2 days

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Harrysmummy246 Tue 10-Mar-20 14:57:43

How did MW think milk supply was low?

Checked for Tongue Tie?

Expressing is no indicator of supply and 2 oz is actually a good amount.

Best way to increase milk supply is remove milk from best. AKA sit on sofa all day with boobs and baby in close contact and let them suckle and build supply.

Hope06 Wed 11-Mar-20 19:37:48

I exclusively express and would love to get 2oz every time!
I find that oats help, oatcakes and cheese and granola with a lot of oats in it. Make sure your drinking plenty.
If your wanting to continue with expressing, make sure your warm and comfortable, it’s surprising how much of a difference being warm makes to the volume you will get. Try not to focus on how much your getting while your expressing, cover your bottle that your expressing into. I usually express for 10 minutes a side, sometimes longer if a lot of milk is still coming or I feel I have a blocked duct. I try and hold baby in one arm and use the other hand to hold my bottle in place.

modge Wed 11-Mar-20 19:49:02

All the advice above is great. I'd also suggest having your latch checked by a lactation consultant or similar, not just a midwife/health visitor or GP who may not have specific knowledge. If you have a children's centre near you, they may have a drop in feeding clinic you can attend.

Otherwise, don't worry about the amount from expressing, I bf my DC until 16 months after a tricky start like yours and never got more than 2oz when expressing. In the early days, I was advised to express for 5 mins following a feed to help stimulate more supply. I used to refrigerate tiny amounts of 0.5 to 1oz over the course of the day then combine them. I absolutely agree about stress being a significant factor, and I also ended up getting more from hand expressing than using either a manual or electric pump.

Other tips - stay hydrated, drink much more than you think, during and between feeds. Fenugreek can help boost supply (although be aware it makes your sweat & wee smell like maple syrup! grin) as well as oats. Lots of skin to skin and time just feeding. If you want to make it work, without it being a negative a stressful experience, just give into being fairly stuck under a baby for the next couple of weeks.

Best of luck.

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