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One month old and constipation

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S082018 Tue 10-Mar-20 13:12:33

Thank you all for your replies! He ended up doing a few soiled nappies last night and again this morning so I'm hoping all is well and he isn't constipated after all!

@ClaraLane I hadn't heard of paced feeding until I saw your comment so I did some reading up on it and used that approach last night. Thank you!

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ClaraLane Mon 09-Mar-20 16:01:57

It possibly is the formula - he is likely to be sleeping longer (and more deeply) because formula isn’t as easy on his tummy and he needs more time to digest it. Breast milk is easier on baby’s digestive system and therefore digested more quickly with less waste. Keep breastfeeding him during the day and he will hopefully empty his bowels soon. Are you pace feeding the bottle of formula?

GrumpyHoonMain Mon 09-Mar-20 16:01:12

formula can make babies a bit constipated and uncomfortable especially if they have been EBF before that. Just keep up with the massage and use inocolic before feeds if required

Pentium85 Mon 09-Mar-20 15:56:13

Can highly bet it isn’t constipation.
Babies will often go days without going and have no real routine to when they go.
Don’t worry unless it lasts long than a week

S082018 Mon 09-Mar-20 15:53:43

Hi all

For the last month I have EBF my baby. He's a really hungry baby, putting on weight well too.

For the past two nights, I have introduced one bottle of formula for his 10pm feed - mainly so I can sleep for a chunk of time! He has slept for a solid 4 hours after the formula bottle for the past two nights.

The problem is, I've noticed he hasn't poo'd during the day for the past two days. He hasn't had a poo since last night and he seems really fidgety and uncomfortable today.

Has anybody else experienced this? Is it just a matter of his digestive system needing to get used to the formula?

I have tried to massage his tummy, bicycle legs - nothing is working for him. I hate seeing him so uncomfortable.

Any tips or advice?

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