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does cluster feeding cause colin?

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mckenzie Fri 07-Sep-07 12:11:30

My dear friend is breast feeding her second child who is just 6 days old. The baby likes to cluster feed and has been very content until least night when she was horribly unsettled and distressed and was showing classic sings of colic. My friend's midwife (or HV, not sure which) has said that the only time she sees colic is in babies that cluster feed.



mckenzie Fri 07-Sep-07 12:11:58

babies WHO cluster feed.

witchandchips Fri 07-Sep-07 12:13:28

is this a bit like saying fizzy drinks make you young!. Colicky babies are often soothed by breast feeding so they want to feed cos they feel crap not the reverse!

muppetgirl Fri 07-Sep-07 12:15:18

What's cluster feeding?
Am v.interested as my ds1 had bad colic and are expecting ds2 and want to be forarmed...

meandmy Fri 07-Sep-07 12:16:16

no my bf dd got colic and she didnt cluster feed and was winding to often (hv told me that)

belgo Fri 07-Sep-07 12:16:28

lol at the title!

FrannyandZooey Fri 07-Sep-07 12:17:25

oh HUGE snort

so sorry I have no idea but the Colin bit is superb

JodieG1 Fri 07-Sep-07 12:17:47

None of mine have had colic but they all cluster fed. Cluster feeding is just feeding more often in the later afternoon/early evening to stock up for the night when they could go longer between feeds.

muppetgirl Fri 07-Sep-07 12:17:58 dad's called colin and this could explain a few things grin

JodieG1 Fri 07-Sep-07 12:18:10

I did lol at the title as well.

muppetgirl Fri 07-Sep-07 12:20:15

Thanks jodie. I am still amazed by the things I still don't know about having a baby, b/f etc. I've never heard of cluster feeding before!

totaleclipse Fri 07-Sep-07 12:20:54

I actually really did lol at the thread titlegrin

tiktok Fri 07-Sep-07 12:22:05

The midwife is daft. Cluster feeding is normal in babies, especially young babies, and practically universal in babies aged 6 days.

Aitch Fri 07-Sep-07 12:23:15

sorry for your friend's troubles but poor colin... grin

Nbg Fri 07-Sep-07 12:24:58

sorry but am PMSL at the title grin

Oblomov Fri 07-Sep-07 12:30:43

LOL at Colin. Ds had colic and did not cluster feed. MV is talking nonsense. Quelle surprise.

Pollyanna Fri 07-Sep-07 12:40:28

all 4 of mine cluster fed - only one had colic (and actually she was too unsettled with the colic to feed during it).

oops Fri 07-Sep-07 12:43:42

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Fri 07-Sep-07 14:49:59

thank you all for the replies. I'm glad my typing error gave everyone a laugh grin.

Note to self - preview message AND title!!

So, back to colic and cluster feeding. Any tips for my poor friend please?. For her to have called me this morning asking for tips means she's had a very rough night sad.

marathonmum Sat 08-Sep-07 22:32:06

Babies often get a bit of digestive discomfort around this time. The 'proper milk comes in on days 3/4 and is harder for baby to digest than colustrum. It takes a few weesk to settle down.

For some reason colic is worse in evenings generally and BF babies often cluster feed more in the evening as there is less milk available, unlike bottle fed babies where there is the same supply of milk whatever the time of day.

Has your friend tried infacol, It might help.
Also she needs to monitor her own diet. I found that eating lots of dairy (chocolate!! and banofee pie etc grin ) made my babies worse . I am always very careful with what i eat with very young breast fed babies as their digestive systems are so new.

As for the MW/HV hmm talking a load of B***ks.

mckenzie Sun 09-Sep-07 13:57:26

thanks MM. It's Lisa that I was posting about. Spoke to her today and baby has settled down a bit, it's the eldest DD who is being a pickle now smile.
I've left a message on your a/p by the way. Have you got it?

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