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Feasibility of continued 7am and 7pm bf for otherwise ff 6 week old?

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oysterpots Wed 05-Sep-07 19:42:36

I've recently cut down the number of bfeeds I've been doing, due to pain and thrush amongst other things, and am doing just two feeds a day - at 7am and 7pm. I'm aware that at just 6 weeks my supply isn't that established and it was reasonably straightforward cutting down quite quickly.

But I do want to continue combined feeding and really want to carry on with these feeds. Any advice on how to manage this? Or examples of how it's worked for you or not? Thanks

absandme Wed 05-Sep-07 20:49:53

I know advice is scary when they say you can run the risk of milk drying up and this is true but a couple of my friends managed feeding like you fine, no problems.

Are you happy everything else is ok, thrush, other things, pain, latch & positioning?

I've heard of relactation (it's the supply & demand thing, hard work but possible if you want to introduce a further bf).

If not, congrats on still bf the 2 feeds. My friends were happy when they had made the decision to combine ff & bf. Each to their own, I reckon as long as you & baby are happy then alls good! (s**t I hope I don't come accross patronising, I don't mean to be, just trying to help) smile

RFCMummy Fri 07-Sep-07 19:52:45


I am still combination feeding at 15 weeks. It works well for me as means someone else can feed the baby and if we are out somewhere where breast feeding wouldn't feel comfortable then we take a bottle. I do between 2 and 3 BF's a day and plan to continue this for sometime yet. Make sure you drink plenty of fluid to keep your supply up.

Good luck to you

Elsbells Fri 07-Sep-07 20:55:24

Oh I so know how you are feeling.

I am combo feeding but I can no longer give a full BF in the morning or for the rest of the day. DD is 13 weeks old.

I now just give her a full feed at 7am and "snacks" as milk supply has depleted and I FF the rest. But I am running after a 2 yr old as well so lack of rest and food can be a factor.

It's hard but keep going...BTW thrush HURTS like I hell, I know had it 3 times with DS. To keep going is brill!!!! I only managed to BF 4m with him.


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