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Expressing:a couple of Qs

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MegBusset Wed 05-Sep-07 18:22:45

I want to try expressing so I can use BM in baby rice, porridge etc for DS -- don't want to use formula and in any case he is on dairy- and soya-free diet due to eczema. So I have dusted off my breast pump (never used) but need to know when is the best time to express? I have heard after first am feed but then I am dashing round fixing his breakfast so not sure I'd have time then! And his morning nap is the only time I get for bmy own breakfast. If I try later in the day am I likely to have enough milk?

Also he feeds from one boob per feed, so which should I express from... if I feed left, then express right, do I go back to left for next feed and will it have enough milk then? Feeding every 3/4 hrs.


BumblebeeQueen Wed 05-Sep-07 19:27:44

I'm sure you'll get lots of replies from much more experienced bfers than me, but just wanted to let you know how we do it:

DS is 6 months old, has been exclusively bf until a couple of weeks ago (starting BLW now!) and I have been expressing since he was about 3 months old so his dad could feed him with a bottle on the rare occasions that I'm out.

I used to be a bit paranoid about which side to express from (DS also usually just has one side per feed), but have found that actually doesn't seem to really matter. I just do whichever one seems "fuller" and I've not had any problems with either DS not getting enough nor with not being able to express enough. Boobs just seem made to meet the demand!

I've got a freezer full of expressed breast milk, all labled up in those lovely little bags

Jojay Wed 05-Sep-07 19:29:59

I think it's a case of trial and error.

Some people express really easily, others struggle, but it's not an indication of milk supply.

I would try expressing from the boob he isn't feeding from, either during or straight after a feed.

The fact that one boob is being fed from will stimulate the other, so expressing will be easier then.

For the next feed, I would put him to the boob that you expressed from - pumps are less efficient at draining the breast, and there is a sufficient gap between feeds for your supplies to replenish themselves. He may feed for longer than usual to begin with, until your supply adapts to the expressing, but he will get enough.

Good Luck - I'm no expect, but that's basically what I did and it seemed to work for us! HTH smile

Notquitegrownup Wed 05-Sep-07 19:31:34


Morning nap should be a good time. I struggled to express during the evenings when I was extremely knackered, but other times it seems quite even.

If you can express a bit from the side he has been feeding from then you will get lovely rich creamy hindmilk, which is full of goodness. You can then switch to the other side which should be easier, but will be more watery. That is foremilk - sugary, thirst quenching, less nutritious, but just as good for mixing with babyrice.

Best of luck

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