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help v.hungry baby!!

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jenjingles Tue 04-Sep-07 14:45:10

hi i have a 9wk old ]on friday] baby boy and am bf he has 1/2 formula feeds a day had him weighed yesterday and he's 13lb 2oz hv said well done for bfing he's a big lad, but i feel he never really settles and at night between 6 and 9 b4 bath and bed time he is really niggly any tips should i give him a bottle b4 bed or stick to the bf b4 bed! i relly don't want to give up as we both really enjoy it. ps sorry a bit long grin

absandme Tue 04-Sep-07 19:30:31

Well done bf!

Is he showing any signs of colic? Dd used to show signs roughly same time each day but didn't have all colic symptoms, just a few.

I found colic massage helped, hv referred me to baby massage class & was lucky that colic was covered in it.

Maybe he's getting a little tired by this time of night? can't think of anything else??

Don't know if helps but dd at 9wks used to have night bf of 2hours, putting milk order in for nxt day! Have you spoken to hv about niggles?

Wait for some more advice on MN but bottom line, it's upto you to bf/ff but it is really nice to bf especially when they slip into that milk coma!! grin

andiem Tue 04-Sep-07 21:11:48

hi jj this is normal for this age they often do this cluster feeding to set themselves up for a longer night time sleep. The problem with introducing the formula is that your supply will go down and then he will want to bf more to get it back up again.
I would carry on with the bf and try to drop the other ff if I were you then he should settle a bit both of my los did this and the latest is 11 weeks and 14.5 lbs so the same as yours and he has now settled more in the evening.

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