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3 week old struggling to feed

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Beseen19 Mon 17-Feb-20 01:17:11

I had my second DS 3 weeks ago and he has never latched. Literally doesnt have a clue what to do with a nipple and just freaks out and gets upset or if he does get it in his mouth it just slips right out. I'm not in UK at the moment and he wasnt put to breast right after birth and his birth was a little traumatic. He was very sleepy and jaundice for first few days.

The bf support was poor, LC was great but he was really too sleepy to feed, couldnt even really suckle until day 3. The nurses who came in just crammed my nipple painfully in his mouth and squeezed some milk from areola then gave up when he didnt latch.

So I'm expressing just now, have plenty of milk and we have been bottle feeding. Bit emotional as I loved bf my first son but I just needed him to be fed to get rid of the jaundice. I find expressing pretty manageable at the moment but he is having so much trouble past 2 days with bottles. He is choking on the milk, not often sick but it means he is on and off the bottle and taking an hour to eat a few ounces. I've tried different teats and the munchkin latch one he can't get anything out and just ends up screaming and again taking an hour to feed. He's then exhausted from effort of eating and falling asleep during his bottle and waking up 20 minutes later in a rage because he is still hungry.

I'm waiting an appointment to get him assessed for TT, the LC thought he had a short lip but pediatrician was adamant there was nothing anatomically wrong with his mouth, I just wasnt trying hard enough to get him to bf hmm. He at no point observed a feed or felt under his tongue however. I expect his appt with the TT specialist wont be until March. We have also tried and failed with nipple shields.

Anyone got magic tips to help my little man feed a little easier? Hes a lovely, easy, happy little baby but this past couple days he looks really uncomfortable during feeds, I'm starting to worry it might be the start of reflux.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Feb-20 09:07:21

Sounds like you've had an awful start and you are right to question tt.

Are there any Lactation Consultants in your area that could help?

rosydreams Mon 17-Feb-20 11:47:37

i had a similar experience mine tried to latch though but she just could not get a grip on it.My first i breastfed fine yes took time to learn but fine.This one though never could breastfeed well tried till 6 weeks before adding bottles.Mine also spluttered a bit on milk.I found i had to sit her more upright on my lap and offer gently tilting the teat in her mouth till she got a grip on it.I would tickle her feet if she went to sleep to soon.Healthworkers all said nothing wrong yet she never went 30 mins between a feed never seemed content in those 6 weeks.

Have you tried tommee tippee or nuk i had more luck with those.The nuk latex really slow teat.

rosydreams Mon 17-Feb-20 12:00:40

this the size one sorry i have not found cheaper but they are a very slow flow and soft teat

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Feb-20 18:56:32

Sorry I didn't make my earlier post clearer. I was just thinking that some Lactation do specialise in tt and you may be able to get help sooner through a Lactation Consultant.

There is some information here on International Lactation Consultants.

I hope you find some help soon OP thanks

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