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18 wk old - now refusing bottles - ebm

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weeonion Mon 03-Sep-07 20:08:43

hi folks - yet another feeding query from me! i have been bf (with ongoing difficulties) for 18 weeks. dd was fine with taking a bottle of ebm a day but have ben trying to introduce her to ff as may have to stop bf. she refuses ff - hysterical crying and now she refuses teh bottle full stop. have tried dp giving her it, different positions, rooms etc etc. at wits end - what the heck do i do if i have to end bf??!!

absandme Mon 03-Sep-07 20:22:09

I am no expert but have you thought of mixing ebm with formula and gradually diluting it.....?

Is the temperature the same when you use formula/ebm?

Other than that, I'm sure when Eastenders has finished they'll be more help!

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