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when to stop giving drinks from a beaker with non spill lid?

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shatteredmumsrus Mon 03-Sep-07 18:33:48

My son is 3 now and still drinks milk and squash from an avent non spill beaker. when should I stop?

3madboys Mon 03-Sep-07 18:41:23

ds3 will be three in december and he drinks froma normal cup unless we are out and he is in the car or buggy.

he has done for a few months i think, purely because he kept pinching his older brothers drinks

he is very good at not spilling it etc, tho he has developed an annoying game of "throw the water over ds2's head" which obviously ds2 does not like, most of the time he is fine tho.

see if he will drink from a non spill cup, we just started off at mealtimes as he sits at the table then, so i wasnt worried about him walking around and spilling it.

he only gets juice etc at mealtimes when he is sat down, the rest of the time its water, as then i dont have to worry if he spills it. hth

shatteredmumsrus Mon 03-Sep-07 19:14:36

Thanks yeah he will drink out of a normal cup. till loves a beaker of milk tho just wondered if i should stop it. I might try.........

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