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7 week old - changing routine

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RLI1105 Sat 08-Feb-20 21:20:14

Hi everyone,

Looking for a bit of advice about feeding. I had a beautiful baby boy who is 7 weeks old tomorrow. He was breastfed initially but due to a perfect storm problems we had to stop. He is now formula fed and seems to be getting on okay. Weight gain was a bit slow at first but is now fine - he was 10lb4oz 5 days ago. HV is now not coming back until 12 weeks.

He's a really calm and content baby overall and sleeps very well and has done pretty much from day 1. Vomiting wise he seems to have one spectacular episode every week and then that's him. He gets some regurge after some feeds but it's pretty minimal.

This week however he has been sick much more. He has started sleeping for longer periods and I think it is linked. He can go 5/6 hours sometimes between feeds and then has a big whack at once. This morning he took 6oz but sicked up about 1 straight after. He had 5oz mid/late morning and then 6oz around 3/4pm. At 6pm he was looking hungry again so he had another 4oz and then sicked presumably (judging by my carpet) the whole bottle up straight after. This has been pretty much been the routine for 3 days. I feel he's going too long and then trying to get the majority of his feeding done in the evening.
The vomiting himself does not seem to bother him one bit so I don't think it's caused by reflux.

I'm thinking of only letting him go 4 hours between feeds offering 5oz but I imagine he'll only want about 4.
Has anyone else had this problem? Did spacing out feeds work?
Thanks in advance!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Feb-20 09:33:58

I’d definitely wake him and try feeds every 4 hours in the day.

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