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is it possible that ds2 is using a poor latch to slow down milk flow?

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Tutter Sun 02-Sep-07 21:30:41

remember had the same thing with ds1

start off with a good latch each feed - head tilted back, wait for gape (or gently press on chin), open mouthed latch

but after a moment or two he always pauses and adjusts latch so less of the nipple is in his mouth. i can feel that it is less of a 'deep' latch iykwim

i wonder if i have such a fast let-down that it is difficult/unpleasant for him with a good latch?

ds1 was a very fast feeder - after a while we were down to literally 2 or 3 mins per breast

i guess it doesn't really matter - ds2 gaining weight well (up from 25th centile at birth to 91st at 6 weeks) and i'm not in pain - but it's strange, isn't it?

Tutter Sun 02-Sep-07 21:31:29

to explain better, once he has adjusted, it is really only the nipple, not the areola, in his mouth, and his lips are almost pursed

FrayedKnot Sun 02-Sep-07 21:34:07

I think DS used to do this. I had one breast (left?) which often used to get full to bursting if he went too long between feeds or I was building up supply and I just used to feel DS couldn;t get a proper latch on it. It used to get painful because he would be sucking on my nipple instead of taking it all in. But I thought it was because he couldn;t latch, iyswim.

I used to express a bit off when it was hugely full.

Tutter Mon 03-Sep-07 09:41:08

bump in case mears/tiktok about

Bodkin Mon 03-Sep-07 10:13:31

Hi Tutter,

Don't know if you're doing this already, but a tip I learnt from here is once the let-down kicks in, to take DD off the boob and hold a muslin over Trevi Fountain of milk coming out until it subsides a bit, then put DD back on. Makes the feed much more comfortable for her, and she's less windy too. She complains a bit but I let her gnaw on my knuckle while I hold the muslin. I seem to remember DD1 having a similar problem wiht my fast let-down, but she learnt to suck fast after a while (like your DS1) so they do get used to it in time.

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