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tongue tied

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Emzy5 Sun 02-Sep-07 18:14:41

my ds is 10 weeks old and has a tongue tie. it doesn't affect his feeding so should i get anything done about it?

bobsmum Sun 02-Sep-07 18:39:46

My dd (now 2) is tongue tied, but over time it has stretched by itself. It didn't affect her feeding in terms of her getting milk and I wasn't in pain with breastfeeding, but she got dreadful wind because her latch wasn't quite right. With hindsight I would have had her tongue tie snipped when I first noticed it. Her colic stopped before she turned one - the longest year of my life!

Her speech is unaffected as far as I can tell.

Dh is tongue tied and can't lick an ice cream, stick out his tongue at all etc, but other than that he isn't bothered by his. He says he got a bit of hassle at school growing up, but otherwise nothing to report smile

It's not too late for your ds to get a snip but only if you really wanted it done - it shouldn't hurt much and if you had any concerns about the future I guess it would eliminate them.

All the best!

Emzy5 Sun 02-Sep-07 18:48:56


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