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I would like some help - total breastfeeding novice trying to prepare

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ThinkPink Sat 01-Sep-07 17:58:14

Am expecting #5 shortly and am desperate to establish exclusive BF with my baby. All my other attempts have failed. Due to:
1 - Couldnt get baby to latch on and GP told me I had to FF or she would get dehydrated
2 - very ill after the birth, hospitalised and baby fed F.
3 - disheartened by 1 and 2 so didnt really try
4 - problems with latching on again.

So I have a while to go and am trying to prepare myself for a success.

My questions are:
How do I get a BF routine?
Can I drink alcohol and how much?
Do I have to co-sleep?
Is it possible when u have lots of other lo's to care for?
What food can do I have to avoid?
I have a steroid cream for excema - can I use while BF??

Any words of support, or anything else Ineed to consider? I am not buying bottles this time 'just in case' as middle of the night is when I usually 'crack'. DH is supportive of this but does work long hours.


NAB3 Sat 01-Sep-07 18:01:58

I don't think you will have a BF routine to start with.
If you do want to drink give a feed and then have a drink but it does stay in your system for a while IIRC. You could always express enough for a couple of feeds so it hjas time to get out of your system.
You don't have to co-sleep.
I have BF all 3 of mine and it is possible. It depends on how old your others are but you could use the time to sit together and watch something or read.
Loads of foods to avoid and I don't know about the steroid cream.
There will be someone along who can help more.
Good luck. I hope it works this time for you.

Lilliput Sat 01-Sep-07 18:08:09

If you need a book the very best one is called 'Bestfeeding:How to Breastfeed your baby' by M Renfrew, C Fisher and S Arms. It is absolutely fantastic and covers everything that you have questions about and more. There are great pictures and a trouble shooting and modern myths section which is really useful. Have a looking on amazon, that's where I got my copy.

juuule Sat 01-Sep-07 18:26:00

How do I get a BF routine?
I fed on demand from the start and in the first couple of weeks I would offer whenever I could.
Slowly the baby settles into it's own routine.

Can I drink alcohol and how much?
Everything in moderation.

Do I have to co-sleep?
You don't have to co-sleep. We had the baby in a moses basket in the cot. If baby cried, I'd get him/her in bed with me to feed. Sometimes I'd put the baby back if they would settle, sometimes the baby stayed in bed until morning. Do whatever combination works for you. If your baby is feeding every 2 hours (like some of mine have at the beginning) then I found it easier for them to be in bed with me.

Is it possible when u have lots of other lo's to care for?
Yes. I've breastfed 9 children. There have been other little ones around quite a few times with a newborn.

What food can do I have to avoid?
I don't think it's necessary to avoid anything that you normally eat. I think that your baby gets used to the foods you eat while still in the womb. Otherwise how would babies from cultures which use lots of spices etc. cope. Unless of course you notice that your baby has problems after you have eaten a particular food.

I have a steroid cream for excema - can I use while BF??
Sorry I've no idea. Hopefully someone else will come along who knows.

Regarding problems with the latch. I do know that some babies need time to develop this skill. Some of mine took a while to get the hang of it properly.

Good luck and hope it works out well this time.

absandme Sat 01-Sep-07 18:55:39

Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!

I agree with the others but may also add I breast fed on demand & during growth spurts where they do nothing but feed is hard work but only lasts 1-2 days although my dd would sometimes last 3!

It is rewarding & if you are having any problems whatsoever with latch then while you are under midwife care she should be able to help.

If you are still having problems then MN is here but I would definately adise seeing a breast feeding counsellor through somewhere like the NCT or LLL, perhaps you could ask what is in your area.

If not there are national helpline numbers available for help.

I very occasionally use eumovate (steroid based cream) but not knowing what you use & how much I would double check with your doctor about using the cream. They are the medical experts at the end of the day!

3madboys Sat 01-Sep-07 19:10:29

most of your other questions have been answered, apart from the steroid cream one, so i shall say yes you can still use it.

i have quite bad eczma and i use steroid creams pretty much everyday, i have had to do this throughout pregnancy and bfeeding, i also take an antihistimine to help with the itching etc, i take piriton as it is the one recomended as safe during preg and bfeeding, there are som antihisitmines you CANT take when bfeeding as they do go into the breast milk, but if you need to take one then piriton is ok.

my dermatologist was very kind in trying to make sure that all the creams etc i have to use are as safe as they possibly can be, he went through all his books etc trying to find out which ones were safe. most creams are fine as it stays on your skin, only a timy amount is actually absorbed into your blod stream so it is exptremely unlikely that any would be detectable in your bmilk.

i have fed all three of my boys whilst having treatment for eczma, if necessary there are even some oral steroids that are ok to take when bfeeding, just talk to your gp or get a referal to a dermatologist and they will be able to make sure that the medicines you have are ok.

what steroid cream do you use?

kiskidee Sat 01-Sep-07 19:30:43

yes, you can use a steriod cream for eczema. all the others already have good replies.

kiskidee Sat 01-Sep-07 19:34:26

go to a breastfeeding group before your baby is born so you already have a feel for things and know other bfers and support workers for the early days when you can be feeling fragile and anxious.

There may be a baby café near you but also contact your Surestart centre which should also have a bf group or contact the NCT in your area.

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