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Bottle to beaker - which one?

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Love2dance Sat 01-Sep-07 09:57:02

Hi. My baby (just 8m) was breastfed to 7 months and happily takes a bottle too. At lunch and dinner he's learned to use a Doidy cup but I struggle to get him to use a beaker. We have an Avent (green bottle with rubber spout and valve) but he only wants to chew it and I end up unscrewing the top and letting him sip from it. Any tips? I know I should be trying to get him off the bottle.

Jojay Sat 01-Sep-07 10:01:56

I would try him with a beaker with no valve. I think you can remove the valve from your Avent one, so it just flows out as it tips up. Tommee Tippee First Cup ( I think it called) is good for this too.

The problem with cups with valves is that babies have to suck on them to get the water out. Many don't figure that out at this stage 'cos the spout is so different from a nipple / teat.

A free flowing one is better at this stage.

Saying that, if he's doing well with a doidy cup, maybe just stick with that!!

HTH smile

Love2dance Sat 01-Sep-07 10:12:54

Duhhh. Thanks Jojay, why didn't I think of removing the valve? blush I'll have a look out for the Tommee Tipee too.

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