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BF and medication

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choolie Fri 31-Aug-07 22:02:53

Am waiting test results and GP told me I may need to give up BF if I need medication (think it might be osteoarthritis or Gout! - hereditary not diet/alcohol related i hasten to add).

anybody had any experience of BF whilst on medication? I don't know exactly what I might need yet, but the few options say no studies available... - esp as Gout extremely rare in women, esp pre-menopause.

Was not my own GP but older one who has retired but covering leave. I said I'm still feeding my son, he looked at him and said "how old" I said 6 months, so he said well he's had more than plenty off you, he can go on the bottle that's that!

pastalady Fri 31-Aug-07 22:32:05

What an unprofessional, unhelpful and insensitive comment from your GP. The world health organisation recomment babies are breastfed until they are 2 years old and he should be echoing that advice rather than basing his judgment on his limited personal opionion.

There are usually more than one option of drug for each treatment, there can be BF friendly drugs and unfriendly drugs that do the same job and that is worth looking into.

Less than 1% of a drug usually gets into the breastmilk with anti-biotics. Don't know about other drugs.

They usually try to balance the well being of the mother and baby in these kind of decisions. I would say though, after your GP's comments and general attitude, you seek a second opinion from someone more understanding, pro-choice and pro-breasting.

determination Fri 31-Aug-07 22:58:55

Have a look at this info Breastfeeding and Medication

absandme Fri 31-Aug-07 22:59:55

I read a LLL book called what happens when weaning (or something similar) & there was a section in this covering medication, poss contact the LLL or other counsellors for advice on this.

ALso speak to gp's and medical experts until you are happy with their response, I think it's a closed mind from this gp, he should respect your wish to bf even if it's until he's 18 years!!

pasta lady is prob right, there are that many drugs out there you may well strike lucky and still manage to bf, speak to gp in more detail about this.

good luck.

choolie Sat 01-Sep-07 10:45:08

great, many thanks. DH keeps telling me not to worry until results back, but would rather be prepared & informed in advance IYKWIM, than have to make split decision.

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