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Is there a limit to how many eggs per day/week?

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dementedpixie Tue 28-Jan-20 14:25:41

dementedpixie Tue 28-Jan-20 14:24:39

No there isnt a limit

SundayMorningSun Tue 28-Jan-20 10:08:35

If it's not on the NHS advice, I assume you don't need to worry.

pinkdressinggown Mon 27-Jan-20 17:40:01

Hi all,

I tend to give one egg per day to my son (13 months) in various forms, usually scrambled eggs or eggy bread, because I feel they're nutritious with veg but also because they're so easy and he loves them!

However, I remembered reading something years ago about the limit of eggs that people should have (I think it was 3 per week). I know that guidelines change, but does anyone know the most recent advice by any chance? I can only find NHS advice saying they should be red lion stamped...

Thanks v much!

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