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Can i restart breast feeding?

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Ilovebabies Fri 31-Aug-07 16:31:29

My daughter is 6 days old and for the first 3 days in hospital i breastfed. Feeding seemed to be going ok but she wasn't getting enough from me as i didn't have a wet or dirty nappy for almost 24 hours. I switched to formula when i came home as i was worried about her not getting enough plus she was quite jaundiced so needed to try and flush it out of her. Now my milk has come in though and i feel it is such a waste all this milk that is leaking from me do you think i can start feeding her myself again and also give her a few formula bottles too or have i left it too late and will my milk just dry up?
Hope somebody can help.

tiktok Fri 31-Aug-07 16:33:32

Not too late at all - I am in a rush now, sorry, but others will be 6 days, you just start doing it! You may need to have a plan to reduce the formula gradually, but yes, you can do it

bobsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 16:33:42

Not too late at all smile. Keep bumping this thread - you need TikTok - she's a breast feeding counsellor.

Congratulations btw!

bobsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 16:33:58


expatinscotland Fri 31-Aug-07 16:34:11

Definitely NOT too late!

lulumama Fri 31-Aug-07 16:35:24

put baby to breast as often as you can, preferably with both of you naked...lots of skin to skin and snuggling..... should have some good info

at 6 days, it is definitely not too late, especially if your milk is abundant...

sure someone else will be along with excellent advice ASAP

also La Leche League, NCT, ABM should have people in your area who can help you with getting restarted

curlywurlycremeegg Fri 31-Aug-07 16:37:27

Not too late, get your DD on the breast asap, were you having any probs latching her on whilst you were feeding. You may find it a little harder with "full" breasts, if this is the case just hand express a small ammount off so they feel a little softer. Just post back on here if you haven't been taught how to hand express. Also call your community midwife now, before the weekend, tell her you want to continue with the breastfeeding and ask for a support visit

domesticgrumpess Fri 31-Aug-07 17:07:24

Message withdrawn

Ilovebabies Fri 31-Aug-07 17:16:42

Just waiting on her waking up and then going to have a go. I don't think i was having problems with latching on my nipples were sore but think this was just them getting used to it. Since i've stopped there has been a sort of scabby patch across the middle of my nipple though but i didn't have any blisters or bleeding whilst feeding. Would this mean that my latch wasn't ok or is this normal for somebody who's nipples aren't used to feeding?

domesticgrumpess Fri 31-Aug-07 17:42:32

Message withdrawn

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