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Distracted breastfed baby

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Laura1609 Wed 15-Jan-20 16:08:59

Hi all

I’ve been breastfeeding my DS for almost 7 months and the last few weeks he’s been like an acrobat during feeding and I feel like it’s a wrestle!

The last week or so it’s been so hard to get him to feed for more than a few mins at a time. He gets so distracted so I now have to feed him in a quiet and dark room, public feeding is now tricky as you can imagine! Hello boob that is left hanging out as baby pulls away to look at another baby!
I’ve tried going longer between feeds just to see if he just needs to be hungrier but even after 4 hours he just doesn’t seem hugely fussed about feeding. He’s started solids but only one meal a day and I’m not sure he eats a great deal.
Just wondering If anyone else has experienced this or he’s any advice.

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addictedtotheflats Wed 15-Jan-20 16:12:43

Mine is 8.5 months and been doing this since about 6 months. I think its completely normal and they are just much more aware of their surroundings and very inquisitive. I will sometimes take him to a quiter area of wherever I am if he is repeatedly exposing me/dragging my nipple when he turns his head. Most other bf babies around this age I have come acr are the same! X

lumpy76 Wed 15-Jan-20 16:15:59

Yes this is totally normal behaviour! Wait until you get to the 14/15 month and beyond stage and they decide to feed upside down, standing up, doing headstands or basically anyway that is different from the easiest!! 🤗🤣

Laura1609 Wed 15-Jan-20 18:23:29

Thanks ladies! These babies, hey?! The things he finds fascinating and chooses to look at instead of eating; phones, the dog, remote controls, lights...I could go on and on

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soundsystem Wed 15-Jan-20 20:50:50

I feel your pain - mine is currently doing this, too!

Someone shared this with me, which I found helpful:

Laura1609 Thu 16-Jan-20 18:08:38

Thanks @soundsystem, sounds exactly like my DS

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