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Help! Hating Dr Brown Bottles

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pinkstar01 Tue 14-Jan-20 10:46:06

I used Dr Browns with my DC1 5 years ago so decided to get the same for DC2 who is 2 weeks old
The old bottles had some issues with leaks but the new ones are even worse!!! Half the milk ends up leaking if you hold it at the wrong angle, and I'm annoyed and fed up and sending them back.

So 2 questions, what bottles would you recommend? I'm leaning towards Tommee Tippee or Philips Avent...

Second, I got the Dr Browns steam sterilizer separately and I'm wondering whether Tommee Tippee or others will fit in it?

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pinkstar01 Tue 14-Jan-20 11:00:16


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LucaFritz Tue 14-Jan-20 11:02:52

I've read the mam ones are good and you can sterilize them individually in the microwave. I have Medela bottles atm with calmas on them but if i end up formula feeding id go with the mam bottles

Weathergirl1 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:01:24

Mam ones are good for the simple fact they come apart for cleaning and you can sterilise them individually.

Also have some Medela ones (not with the Calma teats) but have been using the Mam ones mostly now for several weeks (expressed milk).

dreamsmama Tue 14-Jan-20 20:03:40

I use Phillips avent bottles and find them brilliant. No problems what so ever!
I also use the Milton cold water steriliser, it's one of the oldest brands and it only costs £14.99 off amazon! And takes about 10 minutes to do smile

Eeeeek2 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:06:49

Mam are brilliant

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Tue 14-Jan-20 20:09:18

I found the mam ones quite leaky

Princesspickle777 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:11:00

Mam are fantastic, used them first time around (2 years ago) and I’ve bought them again for number 2.

SproutMuncher Tue 14-Jan-20 20:15:34

I have Philips and Tommie tippee bottles and all fit in my dr browns steriliser!

Tommee tippee gave my baby terrible wind. I think they’re meant to be good if you’re bf and want to avoid nipple confusion but doesn’t sound like that applies to you? If your baby doesn’t like dr browns I reckon Philips avent.

Disclaimer: never used mam!

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