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Really down after mastitis

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mishmash13 Sat 11-Jan-20 20:15:08

Just had a nasty bout of mastitis. GP suspected abcess after no response to antibiotics so referred to hospital. Fortunately, a different antibiotic seems to be doing the trick but the whole episode has shaken me. I used to enjoy breastfeeding but now I cringe whenever baby wants to feed.
I think it's time to stop but scared to drop feeds and risk mastitis again. Also baby is 10 months and in bed with me feeding practically all night. He screams if we get him anywhere near the cot. He loves breastfeeding I have no idea how to get him off the boob as its how he falls back to sleep. He won't take a bottle.
I feel stuck. Something that was once so lovely is now something I dread. I hate to end breastfeeding feeling like this but I just feel so down about how terribly ill it has made me feel. Not sure why I'm posting really just feel rubbish and exhausted. Can anyone relate or offer any advice?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 12-Jan-20 11:13:04

So sorry you've been through this OP.

I'm not trained and given what's happened to you, I really would suggest talking to a BFC about the best way to stop.

As for the nights, once he's 12 months you can try sleep training. I know it probably seems like a long way away but in reality it's probably just a few weeks.

Have a look at Dr Jay Gordon's method for night weaning and have you read the No Cry asleep Solution?

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