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Painful wind at bedtime - help!!!

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BrightonNim Tue 28-Aug-07 19:51:58

Have a problem that is puzzling me (have also posted this on weaning) - since 2 weeks old my baby has had 2 bottle feeds for his evening feed, at 6.30pm and again at 10.30pm. 6.30pm used to be a top up but has become a feed on its own for the last month or so. His other feeds are breast feeds. He is now 5 months old.

For the past fortnight we have been finding he is getting alot of wind after his 6.30pm feed, sometimes straight away which delays him going down to sleep, other times 30 mins after falling asleep and on a couple of occasions no until about 9pm. This is most nights but not every night. Tonight he went down easily, then woke after 5 mins with wind, slept till 7.20pm, woke with wind and burped very quickly, settled back easily and has just woken again now (7.50pm)and yet Staurday evening we had not trouble at all.

He started weaning 3 weeks ago but I think we have included it being any specific food as is happens some nights but not everynight and no pattern in terms of what he has eaten. We have not changed the formula.

He is using a size 2 Avent teat. About 1 month or so ago we tried size 3 but it caused him awful wind - he was screaming in the middle of a feed.

We 'dreamfeed' him at 10.30pm and have not yet had any problems with wind.

When he wakes he is crying with pain, we pick him up, he burps fairly quickly (and if not we use gripewater, which usually works) and then goes back down without a fuss.

Do you have any suggestions what this could be? Help!!

absandme Wed 29-Aug-07 10:03:10

This is not my expert area, infact I'm prob no expert at anything but if you're really worried have you thought about speaking to a hv?

It sounds like he's happier on the size 2 teat.....

How far apart are his solid meals, and how close are they to milk feeds, is the milk before or after the solids?

As for winding, sometimes my girl (now 7.5months) hides her burps .....
I'll wind with her sat on my knee or over my shoulder when I'm sat down ... sometimes nothing comes out or just a little comes out.
Eventually some wind might come up quite randomly when she/I change position such as standing & walking round with her over my shoulder or letting her stand (with my support, she ain't that advanced yet!!) and then she might burp.

After a little play on the floor I'll pick her up & hey presto, a random burp .... just when you think you've winded her she releases that hidden burp .... or sometimes it'll just work its way out as a fart!!

Not sure if this helps at all?

BrightonNim Wed 29-Aug-07 13:12:34

In the evenings he has a quick breastfeed most times at about 4.45/5pm (sometimes in we're running late this doesn't happen), then solids about 15 min later (a veg combination then some fruit - normally pear)then a break, then bath at about 6pm, then bottle at 6.15 ish. He's falling asleep by 6.45 most nights so have to start the bottle by 6.15 or horrible combination of overtired, hungry and windy!

Thanks Absandme. I was wondering if it was maybe that everything is happening too quickly, especially solids-bath-bottle or if it is too much variety of veg in the evening. He's been having a mix of about 3 or 4 veg e.g sweet pot, carrot and green bean. As he's only coming up to 5 months maybe I'm going too quickly, but he's SO hungry that before I increased the solids (on the advice of a HV) he was drinking between 10 and 12 oz of formula before he went to sleep!!! Now he's having about 5oz.

On Saturday we had no trouble, he only had sweet pot then pear and we had a bit more time so I think he had a good 30min before bath.

I know what you mean about hidden burps - he does it too sometimes but funny how it doesn't bother him so much in the day.

Will talk to a HV but access to them is a bit limited round here.

meandmy Wed 29-Aug-07 13:15:48

has your hv mentioned baby massage? have you considered doing the feeds earlier? a warm bath a giid winding whilst chatting/cuddling

meandmy Wed 29-Aug-07 13:17:11

pear used to make my dd have gripey belly try without it for cpl of days or use for an ealier meal instead!

BrightonNim Wed 29-Aug-07 13:26:43

Thanks meandmy - a friend recommended baby massage last night so need to get myself on a course or get a book. Would you recommend massaging his tummy or not?

Tonight am going to try starting solids at 4.30pm and just giving sweet pot and pear (same as Sat) then simpler food all day tomorrow. Am pretty bsure pear is one food that he's ok with as he's been having it for 4 weeks now, and this problem has only been around for about 2 weeks.

I find gripewater helps but would rather get to the bottom of the cause then use gripewater for the next ? weeks.

meandmy Wed 29-Aug-07 13:30:58

call the local collage as my hv's did course on it found it helped dd and made her sleep so ask your hv as there might be baby massage in the area if not call the collage

meandmy Wed 29-Aug-07 13:32:09

use olive oil or grapseed and go in clockwise circles hth

absandme Wed 29-Aug-07 17:38:34

See how an ealier tea is, you may even think about introducing solids at lunch time to see how he is during the day?

MN has a weaning section but what I also found useful is Hipp organics, register & you get free stuff but if you look on line you can see a weaning guide:

Your milk/solid timings are similar to mine (although a lot of mums may differ) dd turning out ok so poss wouldn't worry too much, perhaps look at the weaning section if you think this could be the cause of wind, if not perhaps contact your GP for reassurance?

Good luck.

absandme Wed 29-Aug-07 17:39:51

forgot to say baby massage is great, if you ring your hv she may be able to point you to someone who does baby massage, mine helped me find someone.
If not a book sounds good too, I do a nightly massage on dd on whole body including tummy!

BrightonNim Wed 29-Aug-07 19:27:04

Thanks to both of you for your advice.

absandme - will check out the Hipp site. dd has breakfast and lunch as well and touch wood no problems with wind so far, except very occasionally. So suspect it may be that everything's too close together in the evening.

Going to get onto baby massage as sounds lvely to do anyway.

BrightonNim Mon 03-Sep-07 10:55:35

Well...still windy, 2 nights ago dd was up and down with nasty wind between 7.30 and 10, and when eventually it cleared he was then hungry again. Last 2 nights have tried infacol and larger teats (size 3), no wind but just coincidence? We'll see!

determination Mon 03-Sep-07 13:03:03

I would get a tummy tub as he will be more likely to pass loads of wind in that rather than a normal bath. Like previously mention baby massage works wonders - use olive oil and if you apply slight pressure with your palm at his navel then twist your hand in clockwise direction with palm still applying pressure. Also. baby yoga is great for 'colic' knees together and pump up towards chest and back then after 5-10 of these change to cycling motions. gently, slowly lift bum off ground and place back down. check for this info. Could also carry him in a sling (kangaroo position) if you have one. Hope this helps.

choolie Mon 03-Sep-07 21:44:34

Maybe the fruit & veg is too much for him at the moment? could you maybe halve the amount you're giving him, but make up the remainder of the quantity with baby rice mixed with his usual milk? So he won't be getting any less in bulk, just a different mix. My DS is 6mo and we started weaning around 5mo, just baby rice followed by simple purees. He started getting bad wind, so i went back to basics, just BR for a few days, now mixing half a cube of puree in and it's really reduced the farts at night! am taking it slowly with the variety. He was always seeming really hungry and TBH, the BR is filling him more than the veg or fruit alone. Or you could maybe mix some veg puree with potato?

BrightonNim Tue 04-Sep-07 19:45:55

Thanks Choolie - I've gone back a step in the evenings now and just give him sweet potato and then pear as he had good evenings when he's had this. He'll have baby rice if it's mixed with breast milk, but won't touch it if it's mixed with formula, which is wierd as he drinks it no problem. Does it work with just water? I think I'll try it. Unfortunately I can't express enough to make it up with breast milk.

Have moved up to size 3 teats and am using infacol. We had 2 good evenings but then a windy one last night (lots of burping rather than farts), but that may be more to do with the fact he was so tired he fell asleep very quickly on the bottle.

Still can't account for why he'll munch through a wide\variety of fruit and/or veg in the day and have no problems but then the evening is different.

Thanks Determination - Went to try baby massage tomight but he was tired and hungry much earlier than ususal so didn't get to try it as he was crying lots. He's about 18lb and very long - will he still fit in a tummy tub? Have got a sling but my back's in poor shape so have been using door bouncer instead.

Today had an added complication - constipation! Seemed to have sorted it out though, gave him some extra water at breakfast and lunch and its back to normal now.

If feels like just as we'd got settled into a nice evening routine yet another obstacle has cropped up! I guess it will be like this for years to come!

determination Tue 04-Sep-07 20:04:51

I don't know what the size/weight guidelines are for the tummy tub but I think it is up to 9months so surely he would still fit in it for a while yet. they are great for windy/farty babies, my dd thinks its a jacuzzi!! you should check up on baby yoga and do this for a few minutes at EVERY possible nappy change you will see a difference in no time.

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