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8 week old nursing strike!!

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blue5467 Thu 02-Jan-20 01:48:25

My 8 week old has been breastfed from birth with a bottle of breast milk once a week or so from 3 weeks.

Yesterday she stopped latching on my breast and has only taken breast milk from the bottle

I don't know why she's suddenly gone on strike but every time I put her on the breast she has a shallow latch and comes off the nipple quickly crying. My nipples are also wedge shaped after she comes off and sore

What is going on?? I'm currently expressing and bottle feeding her to keep her fed but I can't keep this up as I've a toddler to look after too during the day.

Is this normal? How do I get her back on the boob??

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GetTheSprinkles Thu 02-Jan-20 01:56:04

Ooh following with interest. My 6wo son is EBF and will sometimes scream at the boob when offered but eventually takes it. I think it's when he's over tired. Interested to see the replies you get

blue5467 Thu 02-Jan-20 02:03:45

Funny you mentioned overtiredness as I think she was exhausted yesterday when the nursing strike began after she had a really bad nights sleep the previous night.

But she has since slept really well so no idea if that caused the start of it!!

So frustrated!!!

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Hoolahlah66 Thu 02-Jan-20 02:13:30

Teething? Sounds ridiculous at 8 weeks but my DS started teething at 10 weeks and he wouldn’t BF. He’s sort of back to normal now but it has upset my supply so am combination feeding now

poppet131 Thu 02-Jan-20 08:57:23

Could it be tongue tie if your nipples are lipstick or wedge shaped after a feed and the latch is shallow? Is this the shallow latch a recent issue it has your baby’s latch always been shallow? X

blue5467 Thu 02-Jan-20 09:38:59

It's a recent thing! She's been a good latchet until now confused

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