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Quick Poll : Which pump? Avent ISIS or Medela Mini Electric?

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PeckaRolloverAgain Mon 27-Aug-07 18:20:40

I had both last time and liked them both but cant remember which I preferred - only really want to buy one this time - what do you think?

pipsqueeke Mon 27-Aug-07 18:21:55

medela. def all the way.

determination Mon 27-Aug-07 19:29:11

yep, definately Medela all the way. The Swing is far quieter though wink

MarsLady Mon 27-Aug-07 19:30:22


But if you are going to buy one... Almeda Lactaline! grin

<<Mars waves at the stranger known as Pecka>>

PeckaRolloverAgain Mon 27-Aug-07 20:57:59

Hi Marsy

Hows tricks, Ive missed you honey! Im somewhat lost in my world of worrying that between now and christmas I need to sort DS birthday, DD birthday, get kitchen installed and decorated, convert conservatory into bedroom, decorate nursery, buy everything for baby, do christmas shopping and push the bugger out!

Is the Amelda big money?

Jen1978 Mon 27-Aug-07 21:15:07

Medela swing is way more efficient and comfortable than the avent isis. I have been expressing to feed my DS since he was 10 weeks old and could no longer bf. I started off with the medela swing which was great but when I had to express all milk to exclusively feed DS I ended up hiring a medela lactina double pump (£30 a month to hire) and it has been fantastic!

Trinityrhino Mon 27-Aug-07 21:16:25

I have tried both and if I were you I would learn to hand express......much better easier and less painful all round

Frin Mon 27-Aug-07 21:16:36

Another vote for Medela!
It is a bit loud, though, esp. if you have a baby who's a light sleeper nearby....

saltcod Tue 28-Aug-07 01:03:00

Avent isis.... hated my medela - too noisy & had to sit near a plug socket (less effective with batteries). Can use my avent one anywhere..... and can hear the TV or hold a conversation if I want to grin

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