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dropping feeds...whats minimum i can go to at 11 months?

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MaeBee Sun 26-Aug-07 17:34:00

my baby is nearly 11 months, and we've finally dropped to 4 feeds a day. today i skipped his lunch feed so we are on 3 feeds: 1 first thing when he wakes up, 1 before his morning nap (at 8.30ish) and 1 at bedtime (7). is that enough?? he eats 3 meals a day (well, he gets offered them, sometimes he wolfs them down, sometimes he chucks it all on the floor...)
so, is that enough or should i replace the lunch feed with formula?
i know it would be more spread out to keep the lunch feed but thats actually the one he is least interested in, and also i guess i produce more milk in the morning.

Gemmitygem Sun 26-Aug-07 17:54:22

maebee, I'm in the same boat with nearly 11 months DS... He's on two bf, morning and evening (I work full time), he also has 3 meals. I had a month holiday recently and just couldn't face the expressing at work thing when I got back, had done it from 4 months to 10 months. He has an extra helping of yoghurt during the day and I try to make sure he gets loads of milk type things, cheese sauces, milky porridge etc, but he doesn't seem to like cows' milk and don't want to give formula. has meat or fish for lunch.

don't know if I'm doing the right thing but he seems fine, am bf a bit in the day at weekends. maybe someone will be along in a minute to advise further...

I feel that if he seems happy and energetic, and is looking well, it should be fine.,,, let's see if others have wise advice!

MaeBee Sun 26-Aug-07 18:31:14

thanks thats great! too make it more complicated im reluctant about dairy products, he does have them but i don't want to pile him with them cos basically i don't believe the hype! and he's prone to slight excema. i get excema if i eat too much dairy (think its something like 80% of skin things are dairy related?)as does my dp.
i would love to go down to 2! he's on the 95th centile so can't imagine he will waste away.

callmeovercautious Sun 26-Aug-07 18:38:18

Hi Maebee

Hope the sleeping is going ok!

DD (as you may remember?) is the same age. She has one when she wakes up and one at night (and if she wakes but she does not really "feed" more like a compfort suck). During the day she has one before her am nap and I offer her some midafternoon. The afternoon one is hit and miss, if we are busy we skip it and she has a rice cake & banana or similar. She just started Nursery last week and drank about an ounce of cows Milk before her nap. I spoke to a BF Counceller who said it was fine to miss feeds in the day now if they have a balanced diet and you still bf Morning and Night.

So fairly similar really. HTH

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