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want to stop bf by 1 year, DS is nearly 11 months, how do you scale it down?

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Gemmitygem Sun 26-Aug-07 16:23:24

I bf DS at 7am, then again at bedtime. Apart from that he gets 3 meals plus yoghurt (won't drink cow's milk as a drink). I was feeding him in the day as well but dropped that at 10 months (so not that long ago). No night feeds since about 9 months. He seems fine on what he's getting now. At weekends I bf him early afternoon (work fulltime, pumped for 6 months, just can't face it any more and don't feel it's needed).

How do you cut down the last two feeds, and is it imperative that the baby starts to drink cow's milk? do they really have to have it as a drink or can they not just have lots of milk products in their meals, milk on cereal etc. Eg. he has porridge made with milk every morning and usually a cheesy sauce on something for tea, then meat or fish at lunchtime..

any advice much appreciated!

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