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Lopsided supply - how to even it out?

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MrsBadger Sun 26-Aug-07 15:48:40

Sure this has been answered before but newborn brain means I can't find it...

Left nork is significantly larger/heavier/leakier than right.
Am offering both sides at each feed, offering the second one (even if unused) first next time.
Any better ideas?

(am feeding on demand, resting, eating properly, DD is 10days old, fine, alert, lots of wet & dirty nappies etc, not worried re supply per se)

vole3 Sun 26-Aug-07 17:41:21

You could try feeding twice from the right side for each time you use the left. At this age DD is unlikely to fully drain one side, so just persevere until she drops off the boob or to sleep.
Sometimes it is also a case of positioning being slightly different and so she gets better latch on left and therefore feeds better / longer which stimulates supply more effectively. Are you right handed by chance as I have had the same problem with DS who is now 9 weeks old? Whilst I haven't had to resort to a pair of socks in the right side to even me up, I did consdier it smile

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