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Help - How do I wean DS off NIPPLE SHIELDS?

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Kyte Sun 26-Aug-07 09:21:52

I need your help! My 5 week old DS is only able to BF using nipple shields. We think it's because my milk flow is quite fast. I want to try to wean him off the shields over the next few weeks as he gets bigger and is more able to cope with the flow. BUT in the last few days he's decided he won't even attempt to feed without them. Before he'd have a go for a short time, now if he sees the nipple isn't covered in silicone he won't go near it. If his eyes are closed and he tries to latch without them, he panics and throws a wobbly. I've tried expressing a little milk onto the nipple, but he's not fooled. Anyone got any ideas?

tiktok Sun 26-Aug-07 09:27:07

Kyte - do phone one of the breastfeeding lines about this. It's not all that uncommon an issue, and the counsellor will have some ideas to help.

Mothers do manage to get rid of these things, though it can take a while.

BernieBear Sun 26-Aug-07 09:27:25

You may have already tried this but I started off with nipple shields with my ds. I would start feeding with the shield on, and after a few minutes quickly remove ds, whip of the shield and pop him back on. It took a few goes , over a few days but he evenutally got it.

Am so glad I used them - ended up breastfeeding for 18 months after that.

Sorry if you have tried this, hopefully someone else will be a long soon.

Have you tried the NHS breastfeeding support for ideas?

determination Sun 26-Aug-07 09:37:57

Was your DS premature? I had to use shields with both my dds and couldnt get either of them weaned off them until around 10 weeks. I carried them in slings all day, co slept at night and tried for about 5 minutes to latch without a shield at the start of EVERY feed. Just takes time and perserverance.

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