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Baby cries unless held

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Mk96 Thu 26-Dec-19 03:45:30

My one month old has recently started crying/calling out with minute intervals or so when put down and stops as soon as I pick her up. While on the bouncer she either just cries or gives her hunger cues such as opening her mouth and fast breathing. But when I try feeding her she sucks only for a minute and lets go. It seems to be an excuse for being held. Does anyone know what else it could be or if I'm missing something?

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Eminado Thu 26-Dec-19 03:48:18

Just hold her. She is tiny! Google 4th trimester.?

Soon2BeMumof3 Thu 26-Dec-19 03:52:03

Agree, just hold her. Being physically touched and having social interaction is a need for babies, just as being fed is a need.

They change so fast, next week she could be different. Just hold her for now and remind yourself it will pass.

Also, it's a mumsnet cliche but try a sling or a baby carrier so you can get some things done while holding her.

Bluerussian Thu 26-Dec-19 03:53:04

She is only a month old, she needs to be close to you especially when she's awake. It's quite normal and won't last forever.

SquashedFlyBiscuit Thu 26-Dec-19 04:37:14

Id hold her. She just needs reassurance you're there.

Is she feeding okay, growing, nappies?

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